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Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science
T Næs, PB Brockhoff, O Tomic
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, i-xi
A calibration method for handling the temporal drift of solid state gas-sensors
JE Haugen, O Tomic, K Kvaal
Analytica chimica acta 407 (1-2), 23-39
Independent component analysis applied on gas sensor array measurement data
M Kermit, O Tomic
Sensors Journal, IEEE 3 (2), 218-228
Visualization of sensory profiling data for performance monitoring
O Tomic, A Nilsen, M Martens, T Næs
LWT-Food science and technology 40 (2), 262-269
Characterization of selected South African young cultivar wines using FTMIR spectroscopy, gas chromatography, and multivariate data analysis
L Louw, K Roux, A Tredoux, O Tomic, T Naes, HH Nieuwoudt, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 57 (7), 2623-2632
Recalibration of a gas-sensor array system related to sensor replacement
O Tomic, T Eklöv, K Kvaal, JE Haugen
Analytica Chimica Acta 512 (2), 199-206
Correcting for different use of the scale and the need for further analysis of individual differences in sensory analysis
R Romano, PB Brockhoff, M Hersleth, O Tomic, T Nęs
Food Quality and Preference 19 (2), 197-209
Analysis of early lipid oxidation in salmon pâté with cod liver oil and antioxidants
E Olsen, A Veberg, G Vogt, O Tomic, B Kirkhus, D Ekeberg, A Nilsson
Journal of food science 71 (3), S284-S292
Analysing sensory panel performance in a proficiency test using the PanelCheck software
O Tomic, G Luciano, A Nilsen, G Hyldig, K Lorensen, T Næs
European Food Research and Technology 230 (3), 497-511
Some new tools for visualising multi-way sensory data
T Dahl, O Tomic, JP Wold, T Nęs
Food Quality and Preference 19 (1), 103-113
Standardization methods for handling instrument related signal shift in gas-sensor array measurement data
O Tomic, H Ulmer, JE Haugen
Analytica Chimica Acta 472 (1-2), 99-111
Path modelling by sequential PLS regression
T Næs, O Tomic, BH Mevik, H Martens
Journal of Chemometrics 25 (1), 28-40
T (2008). Some new tools for visualising multi-way sensory data
T Dahl, OW Tomic
Food Quality and Preference 19, 103-13
Performance indices in descriptive sensory analysis–A complimentary screening tool for assessor and panel performance
O Tomic, C Forde, C Delahunty, T Næs
Food Quality and Preference 28 (1), 122-133
Measuring the Quality of Long Duration AV Content–Analysis of Test Subject/Time Interval Dependencies
A Borowiak, U Reiter, O Tomic
10th European Interactive TV conference: Bridging People, Places and ...
Quality control of sensory profile data
T Næs, PB Brockhoff, O Tomic
Statistics for sensory and consumer science, 11-38
Independent components of odour signals
M Kermit, O Tomicy
3rd International Conference on Independent Component Analysis and Blind ...
Multi-block regression based on combinations of orthogonalisation, PLS-regression and canonical correlation analysis
T Næs, O Tomic, NK Afseth, V Segtnan, I Måge
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 124, 32-42
Principal Component Analysis
T Næs, PB Brockhoff, O Tomic
Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science, 209-225
SO-PLS as an exploratory tool for path modelling
E Menichelli, T Almøy, O Tomic, NV Olsen, T Næs
Food Quality and Preference 36, 122-134
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