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Noise removal using fourth-order partial differential equation with applications to medical magnetic resonance images in space and time
M Lysaker, A Lundervold, XC Tai
Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on 12 (12), 1579-1590
Effects of age on volumes of cortex, white matter and subcortical structures
KB Walhovd, AM Fjell, I Reinvang, A Lundervold, AM Dale, DE Eilertsen, ...
Neurobiology of aging 26 (9), 1261-1270
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study of sex differences in a mental rotation task
T Thomsen, K Hugdahl, L Ersland, R Barndon, A Lundervold, AI Smievoll, ...
Medical Science Monitor 6 (6), 1186-1196
Multispectral analysis of the brain using magnetic resonance imaging
T Taxt, A Lundervold
Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on 13 (3), 470-481
Phantom limb imaginary fingertapping causes primary motor cortex activation: an fMRI study
L Ersland, G Rosén, A Lundervold, AI Smievoll, T Tillung, H Sundberg
Neuroreport 8 (1), 207-210
Evaluation of automated brain MR image segmentation and volumetry methods
F Klauschen, A Goldman, V Barra, A Meyer‐Lindenberg, A Lundervold
Human brain mapping 30 (4), 1310-1327
Less developed corpus callosum in dyslexic subjects—a structural MRI study
K von Plessen, A Lundervold, N Duta, E Heiervang, F Klauschen, ...
Neuropsychologia 40 (7), 1035-1044
Planum temporale, planum parietale and dichotic listening in dyslexia
E Heiervang, K Hugdahl, H Steinmetz, A Inge Smievoll, J Stevenson, ...
Neuropsychologia 38 (13), 1704-1713
Temporal distribution of seizures in epilepsy
E Taubřll, A Lundervold, L Gjerstad
Epilepsy research 8 (2), 153-165
Segmentation of brain parenchyma and cerebrospinal fluid in multispectral magnetic resonance images
A Lundervold, G Storvik
Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on 14 (2), 339-349
Hippocampal excitability and changes in extracellular potassium
JJ Hablitz, A Lundervold
Experimental neurology 71 (2), 410-420
Selective increase of cortical thickness in high-performing elderly—structural indices of optimal cognitive aging
AM Fjell, KB Walhovd, I Reinvang, A Lundervold, D Salat, BT Quinn, ...
Neuroimage 29 (3), 984-994
Assessment of 3D DCE-MRI of the kidneys using non-rigid image registration and segmentation of voxel time courses
FG Zöllner, R Sance, P Rogelj, MJ Ledesma-Carbayo, J Rřrvik, A Santos, ...
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 33 (3), 171-181
Increased hippocampal default mode synchronization during rest in middle-aged and elderly APOE ε4 carriers: relationships with memory performance
ET Westlye, A Lundervold, H Rootwelt, AJ Lundervold, LT Westlye
The Journal of Neuroscience 31 (21), 7775-7783
Reduced white matter connectivity in the corpus callosum of children with Tourette syndrome
KJ Plessen, R Grüner, A Lundervold, JG Hirsch, D Xu, R Bansal, ...
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 47 (10), 1013-1022
Subcortical functional connectivity and verbal episodic memory in healthy elderly—a resting state fMRI study
M Ystad, T Eichele, AJ Lundervold, A Lundervold
Neuroimage 52 (1), 379-388
Cortico-striatal connectivity and cognition in normal aging: a combined DTI and resting state fMRI study
M Ystad, E Hodneland, S Adolfsdottir, J Haász, AJ Lundervold, T Eichele, ...
Neuroimage 55 (1), 24-31
Imaging of experimental rat gliomas using a clinical MR scanner
F Thorsen, L Ersland, H Nordli, PŘ Enger, PC Huszthy, A Lundervold, ...
Journal of neuro-oncology 63 (3), 225-231
Significant relation between MR measures of planum temporale area and dichotic processing of syllables in dyslexic children
K Hugdahl, E Heiervang, L Ersland, A Lundervold, H Steinmetz, ...
Neuropsychologia 41 (6), 666-675
Multispectral analysis of uterine corpus tumors in magnetic resonance imaging
T Taxt, A Lundervold, B Fuglaas, H Lien, V Abeler
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 23 (1), 55-76
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