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Pinealectomy induces malformation of the spine and reduces the mechanical strength of the vertebrae in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar
PG Fjelldal, S Grotmol, H Kryvi, NR Gjerdet, GL Taranger, T Hansen, ...
Journal of pineal research 36 (2), 132-139, 2004
Heat shock during early somitogenesis induces caudal vertebral column defects in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
A Wargelius, PG Fjelldal, T Hansen
Development genes and evolution 215 (7), 350-357, 2005
A radiological study on the development of vertebral deformities in cultured Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)
PG Fjelldal, TJ Hansen, AE Berg
Aquaculture 273 (4), 721-728, 2007
Supplementation of dietary minerals during the early seawater phase increase vertebral strength and reduce the prevalence of vertebral deformities in fast‐growing under …
PG Fjelldal, T Hansen, O Breck, R Sandvik, R Waagbø, A Berg, R Ørnsrud
Aquaculture Nutrition 15 (4), 366-378, 2009
Welfare considerations of triploid fish
TWK Fraser, PG Fjelldal, T Hansen, I Mayer
Reviews in Fisheries Science 20 (4), 192-211, 2012
Impact of smolt production strategy on vertebral growth and mineralisation during smoltification and the early seawater phase in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar, L.)
PG Fjelldal, EJ Lock, S Grotmol, GK Totland, U Nordgarden, G Flik, ...
Aquaculture 261 (2), 715-728, 2006
Vertebral deformities in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) – etiology and pathology
PG Fjelldal, T Hansen, O Breck, R Ørnsrud, EJ Lock, R Waagbø, ...
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 28 (3), 433-440, 2012
Long-term culture of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in submerged cages during winter affects behaviour, growth and condition
ØJ Korsøen, T Dempster, PG Fjelldal, F Oppedal, TS Kristiansen
Aquaculture 296 (3-4), 373-381, 2009
Vertebral deformities in triploid Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) underyearling smolts
PG Fjelldal, T Hansen
Aquaculture 309 (1-4), 131-136, 2010
Continuous light and elevated temperature can trigger maturation both during and immediately after smoltification in male Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
PG Fjelldal, T Hansen, T Huang
Aquaculture 321 (1-2), 93-100, 2011
Increased dietary phosphorous prevents vertebral deformities in triploid Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)
PG Fjelldal, TJ Hansen, EJ Lock, A Wargelius, TWK Fraser, F Sambraus, ...
Aquaculture nutrition 22 (1), 72-90, 2016
Vertebrae of the trunk and tail display different growth rates in response to photoperiod in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., post-smolts
PG Fjelldal, U Nordgarden, A Berg, S Grotmol, GK Totland, A Wargelius, ...
Aquaculture 250 (1-2), 516-524, 2005
Comparative seawater performance and deformity prevalence in out-of-season diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) post-smolts
E Leclercq, JF Taylor, D Fison, PG Fjelldal, M Diez-Padrisa, T Hansen, ...
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative …, 2011
Effect of water oxygen level on performance of diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon post-smolts reared at high temperature
TJ Hansen, RE Olsen, L Stien, F Oppedal, T Torgersen, O Breck, ...
Aquaculture 435, 354-360, 2015
The effect of water temperature on vertebral deformities and vaccine‐induced abdominal lesions in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L.
A Grini, T Hansen, A Berg, A Wargelius, PG Fjelldal
Journal of fish diseases 34 (7), 531-546, 2011
A possible relation between growth and number of deformed vertebrae in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)
T Hansen, PG Fjelldal, A Yurtseva, A Berg
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 26 (2), 355-359, 2010
The prevalence of vertebral deformities is increased with higher egg incubation temperatures and triploidy in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L.
TWK Fraser, T Hansen, MS Fleming, PG Fjelldal
Journal of Fish Diseases 38 (1), 75-89, 2015
Three forms of GnRH in the brain and pituitary of the turbot, Scophthalmus maximus: immunological characterization and seasonal variation
E Andersson, PG Fjelldal, U Klenke, E Vikingstad, GL Taranger, Y Zohar, ...
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular …, 2001
The effect of triploidy on the culture performance, deformity prevalence, and heart morphology in Atlantic salmon
TWK Fraser, T Hansen, JE Skjæraasen, I Mayer, F Sambraus, PG Fjelldal
Aquaculture 416, 255-264, 2013
A radiological study on vertebral deformities in cultured and wild Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua, L.)
PG Fjelldal, T van der Meeren, KE Jørstad, TJ Hansen
Aquaculture 289 (1-2), 6-12, 2009
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