Thomas H.A. Haverkamp
Thomas H.A. Haverkamp
Researcher @ Norwegian Veterinary Institute
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mut-7 of C. elegans, Required for Transposon Silencing and RNA Interference, Is a Homolog of Werner Syndrome Helicase and RNaseD
RF Ketting, THA Haverkamp, HGAM van Luenen, RHA Plasterk
Cell 99 (2), 133-141, 1999
Colourful coexistence of red and green picocyanobacteria in lakes and seas
M Stomp, J Huisman, L Vörös, FR Pick, M Laamanen, T Haverkamp, ...
Ecology letters 10 (4), 290-298, 2007
Environmental microbiology through the lens of high-throughput DNA sequencing: synopsis of current platforms and bioinformatics approaches
R Logares, THA Haverkamp, S Kumar, A Lanzén, AJ Nederbragt, ...
Journal of microbiological methods 91 (1), 106-113, 2012
Colorful microdiversity of Synechococcus strains (picocyanobacteria) isolated from the Baltic Sea
THA Haverkamp, D Schouten, M Doeleman, U Wollenzien, J Huisman, ...
The ISME journal 3 (4), 397-408, 2009
Phenotypic and genetic diversification of Pseudanabaena spp.(cyanobacteria)
SG Acinas, THA Haverkamp, J Huisman, LJ Stal
The ISME journal 3 (1), 31-46, 2009
Next generation sequencing shows high variation of the intestinal microbial species composition in Atlantic cod caught at a single location
B Star, THA Haverkamp, S Jentoft, KS Jakobsen
BMC microbiology 13 (1), 248, 2013
Diversity and phylogeny of Baltic Sea picocyanobacteria inferred from their ITS and phycobiliprotein operons
T Haverkamp, SG Acinas, M Doeleman, M Stomp, J Huisman, LJ Stal
Environmental microbiology 10 (1), 174-188, 2008
High coverage sequencing of DNA from microorganisms living in an oil reservoir 2.5 kilometres subsurface
HK Kotlar, A Lewin, J Johansen, M Throne‐Holst, T Haverkamp, ...
Environmental Microbiology Reports, 2011
Genomic analyses suggest parallel ecological divergence in Heliosperma pusillum (Caryophyllaceae)
E Trucchi, B Frajman, THA Haverkamp, P Schönswetter, O Paun
New Phytologist 216 (1), 267-278, 2017
A metagenomic study of methanotrophic microorganisms in Coal Oil Point seep sediments
OE Håvelsrud, THA Haverkamp, T Kristensen, KS Jakobsen, AG Rike
BMC microbiology 11, 1-14, 2011
Gastrointestinal microbial community changes in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) exposed to crude oil
A Bagi, ES Riiser, HS Molland, B Star, THA Haverkamp, MO Sydnes, ...
BMC microbiology 18, 1-14, 2018
Genomic analysis of the mesophilic Thermotogae genus Mesotoga reveals phylogeographic structure and genomic determinants of its distinct metabolism
CL Nesbø, R Charchuk, SMJ Pollo, K Budwill, IV Kublanov, ...
Environmental Microbiology, 2018
Estimation of metagenome size and structure in an experimental soil microbiota from low coverage next‐generation sequence data
T Frisli, THA Haverkamp, KS Jakobsen, NC Stenseth, K Rudi
Journal of applied microbiology 114 (1), 141-151, 2013
Switching on the light: using metagenomic shotgun sequencing to characterize the intestinal microbiome of Atlantic cod
ES Riiser, THA Haverkamp, S Varadharajan, Ø Borgan, KS Jakobsen, ...
Environmental microbiology 21 (7), 2576-2594, 2019
Evidence for extensive gene flow and Thermotoga subpopulations in subsurface and marine environments
CL Nesbø, KS Swithers, H Dahle, THA Haverkamp, NK Birkeland, ...
The ISME journal 9 (7), 1532-1542, 2015
Metagenomic and geochemical characterization of pockmarked sediments overlaying the Troll petroleum reservoir in the North Sea
OE Håvelsrud, THA Haverkamp, T Kristensen, KS Jakobsen, AG Rike
BMC microbiology 12 (1), 203, 2012
Metagenomic shotgun analyses reveal complex patterns of intra-and interspecific variation in the intestinal microbiomes of codfishes
ES Riiser, THA Haverkamp, S Varadharajan, Ø Borgan, KS Jakobsen, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 86 (6), e02788-19, 2020
Microbial Community Composition of Tap Water and Biofilms Treated with or without Copper–Silver Ionization
A Stüken, THA Haverkamp, HAAM Dirven, GD Gilfillan, M Leithaug, ...
Environmental science & technology 52 (6), 3354-3364, 2018
BLASTGrabber: a bioinformatic tool for visualization, analysis and sequence selection of massive BLAST data
RS Neumann, S Kumar, THA Haverkamp, K Shalchian-Tabrizi
BMC bioinformatics 15, 1-11, 2014
Two viruses, Mcv1 and Mcv2, which infect : functional and genomic analysismarinitoga: functional and genomic analysis bacteria isolated from deep‐sea …
C Mercier, J Lossouarn, CL Nesbø, THA Haverkamp, AC Baudoux, ...
Environmental Microbiology 20 (2), 577-587, 2018
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