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Optical and radio properties of extragalactic sources observed by the first survey and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Ž Ivezić, K Menou, GR Knapp, MA Strauss, RH Lupton, DEV Berk, ...
The Astronomical Journal 124 (5), 2364, 2002
XMM-Newton reflection grating spectrometer observations of discrete soft X-ray emission features from NGC 1068
A Kinkhabwala, M Sako, E Behar, SM Kahn, F Paerels, AC Brinkman, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 575 (2), 732, 2002
Spatial regulation of Fus3 MAP kinase activity through a reaction-diffusion mechanism in yeast pheromone signalling
CI Maeder, MA Hink, A Kinkhabwala, R Mayr, PIH Bastiaens, M Knop
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Galactic halo models and particle dark-matter detection
M Kamionkowski, A Kinkhabwala
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Live-cell imaging of enzyme-substrate interaction reveals spatial regulation of PTP1B
IA Yudushkin, A Schleifenbaum, A Kinkhabwala, BG Neel, C Schultz, ...
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Two types of x-ray spectra in cataclysmic variables
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Multifrequency observations of giant radio pulses from the millisecond pulsar B1937+ 21
A Kinkhabwala, SE Thorsett
The Astrophysical Journal 535 (1), 365, 2000
Can a Dusty Warm Absorber Model Reproduce the Soft X-Ray Spectra of MCG–6-30-15 and Markarian 766?
M Sako, SM Kahn, G Branduardi-Raymont, JS Kaastra, AC Brinkman, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 596 (1), 114, 2003
The soft X-ray spectrum from NGC 1068 observed with LETGS on Chandra
AC Brinkman, JS Kaastra, RLJ Van Der Meer, A Kinkhabwala, E Behar, ...
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Uncovering cis regulatory codes using synthetic promoter shuffling
A Kinkhabwala, CC Guet
PloS one 3 (4), e2030, 2008
Regulation of signaling at regions of cell-cell contact by endoplasmic reticulum-bound protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B
FG Haj, O Sabet, A Kinkhabwala, S Wimmer-Kleikamp, V Roukos, ...
PloS one 7 (5), e36633, 2012
MACSima imaging cyclic staining (MICS) technology reveals combinatorial target pairs for CAR T cell treatment of solid tumors
A Kinkhabwala, C Herbel, J Pankratz, DA Yushchenko, S Rüberg, ...
Scientific reports 12 (1), 1911, 2022
Regulation of Ras localization by acylation enables a mode of intracellular signal propagation
A Lorentzen, A Kinkhabwala, O Rocks, N Vartak, PIH Bastiaens
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Precise measurement of protein interacting fractions with fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
KA Walther, B Papke, MB Sinn, K Michel, A Kinkhabwala
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Dynamic recruitment of licensing factor Cdt1 to sites of DNA damage
V Roukos, A Kinkhabwala, J Colombelli, P Kotsantis, S Taraviras, ...
Journal of cell science 124 (3), 422-434, 2011
Spatial aspects of intracellular information processing
A Kinkhabwala, PIH Bastiaens
Current opinion in genetics & development 20 (1), 31-40, 2010
CAR T-cell entry into tumor islets is a two-step process dependent on IFNγ and ICAM-1
C Kantari-Mimoun, S Barrin, L Vimeux, S Haghiri, C Gervais, S Joaquina, ...
Cancer immunology research 9 (12), 1425-1438, 2021
Fluorescence fluctuations of quantum-dot sensors capture intracellular protein interaction dynamics
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New constraint on open cold-dark-matter models
A Kinkhabwala, M Kamionkowski
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Subcellular partitioning of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B to the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria depends sensitively on the composition of its tail anchor
J Fueller, MV Egorov, KA Walther, O Sabet, J Mallah, M Grabenbauer, ...
PLoS One 10 (10), e0139429, 2015
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