Tobias Pflugshaupt
Tobias Pflugshaupt
Neurozentrum, Luzerner Kantonsspital, Luzern, Schweiz
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Hypervigilance–avoidance pattern in spider phobia
T Pflugshaupt, UP Mosimann, R von Wartburg, W Schmitt, T Nyffeler, ...
Journal of anxiety disorders 19 (1), 105-116, 2005
Repetitive TMS over the human oculomotor cortex: comparison of 1-Hz and theta burst stimulation
T Nyffeler, P Wurtz, HR Lüscher, CW Hess, W Senn, T Pflugshaupt, ...
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Extending lifetime of plastic changes in the human brain
T Nyffeler, P Wurtz, HR Lüscher, CW Hess, W Senn, T Pflugshaupt, ...
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About the role of visual field defects in pure alexia
T Pflugshaupt, K Gutbrod, P Wurtz, R von Wartburg, T Nyffeler, B de Haan, ...
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Time course of blood oxygenation level–dependent signal response after theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation of the frontal eye field
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Size matters: Saccades during scene perception
R von Wartburg, P Wurtz, T Pflugshaupt, T Nyffeler, M Lüthi, RM Müri
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To look or not to look at threat?: Scanpath differences within a group of spider phobics
T Pflugshaupt, UP Mosimann, WJ Schmitt, R von Wartburg, P Wurtz, ...
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Visual exploration pattern in hemineglect
RM Müri, D Cazzoli, T Nyffeler, T Pflugshaupt
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Residual oculomotor and exploratory deficits in patients with recovered hemineglect
T Pflugshaupt, SA Bopp, D Heinemann, UP Mosimann, R von Wartburg, ...
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One-Hertz transcranial magnetic stimulation over the frontal eye field induces lasting inhibition of saccade triggering
T Nyffeler, P Wurtz, T Pflugshaupt, R von Wartburg, M Luthi, CW Hess, ...
Neuroreport 17 (3), 273-275, 2006
Linking physiology with behaviour: Functional specialisation of the visual field is reflected in gaze patterns during visual search
T Pflugshaupt, R von Wartburg, P Wurtz, S Chaves, A Déruaz, T Nyffeler, ...
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Cortical thinning in the anterior cingulate cortex predicts multiple sclerosis patients' fluency performance in a lateralised manner
O Geisseler, T Pflugshaupt, L Bezzola, K Reuter, D Weller, B Schuknecht, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 10, 89-95, 2016
Allocentric and egocentric spatial impairments in a case of topographical disorientation
T Nyffeler, K Gutbrod, T Pflugshaupt, R von Wartburg, CW Hess, RM Müri
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Information processing in long delay memory-guided saccades: further insights from TMS
T Nyffeler, C Pierrot-Deseilligny, T Pflugshaupt, R von Wartburg, CW Hess, ...
Experimental brain research 154 (1), 109-112, 2004
Oculomotor behaviour in simultanagnosia: a longitudinal case study
T Nyffeler, T Pflugshaupt, H Hofer, U Baas, K Gutbrod, R von Wartburg, ...
Neuropsychologia 43 (11), 1591-1597, 2005
When left becomes right and vice versa: Mirrored vision after cerebral hypoxia
T Pflugshaupt, T Nyffeler, R von Wartburg, P Wurtz, M Lüthi, D Hubl, ...
Neuropsychologia 45 (9), 2078-2091, 2007
Single‐pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation over the frontal eye field can facilitate and inhibit saccade triggering
T Nyffeler, O Bucher, T Pflugshaupt, R Von Wartburg, P Wurtz, CW Hess, ...
European journal of neuroscience 20 (8), 2240-2244, 2004
Validation of the new Lucerne ICF based Multidisciplinary Observation Scale (LIMOS) for stroke patients
B Ottiger, T Vanbellingen, C Gabriel, E Huberle, M Koenig-Bruhin, ...
PloS one 10 (6), 2015
Do patients with pure alexia suffer from a specific word form processing deficit? Evidence from ‘wrods with trasnpsoed letetrs’
T Pflugshaupt, J Suchan, MA Mandler, AN Sokolov, S Trauzettel-Klosinski, ...
Neuropsychologia 49 (5), 1294-1301, 2011
Cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis: clinical manifestation, neuroimaging correlates, and treatment
T Pflugshaupt, O Geisseler, T Nyffeler, M Linnebank
Seminars in neurology 36 (02), 203-211, 2016
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