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Are empathy and concern psychologically distinct?
MR Jordan, D Amir, P Bloom
Emotion 16 (8), 1107, 2016
Conditioning-and time-dependent increases in context fear and generalization
AM Poulos, N Mehta, B Lu, D Amir, B Livingston, A Santarelli, I Zhuravka, ...
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An uncertainty management perspective on long-run impacts of adversity: The influence of childhood socioeconomic status on risk, time, and social preferences
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Acoustic regularities in infant-directed speech and song across cultures
CB Hilton, CJ Moser, M Bertolo, H Lee-Rubin, D Amir, CM Bainbridge, ...
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Cross-cultural, developmental psychology: Integrating approaches and key insights
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The perception of spontaneous and volitional laughter across 21 societies
GA Bryant, DMT Fessler, R Fusaroli, E Clint, D Amir, B Chávez, ...
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Measuring subjective social status in children of diverse societies
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Heterogeneous effects of market integration on sub-adult body size and nutritional status among the Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador
SS Urlacher, MA Liebert, J Josh Snodgrass, AD Blackwell, ...
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What is the expected human childhood? Insights from evolutionary anthropology
WE Frankenhuis, D Amir
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The developmental origins of risk and time preferences across diverse societies.
D Amir, MR Jordan, K McAuliffe, CR Valeggia, LS Sugiyama, ...
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Soil‐transmitted helminth infection and intestinal inflammation among the Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador
TJ Cepon‐Robins, TE Gildner, J Schrock, G Eick, A Bedbury, MA Liebert, ...
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The world within: Children are sensitive to internal complexity cues
RE Ahl, D Amir, FC Keil
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The behavioral constellation of deprivation may be best understood as risk management
D Amir, MR Jordan
Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2017
Diurnal variation in salivary cortisol across age classes in Ache Amerindian males of Paraguay
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Boots for Achilles: Progesterone's reduction of cholesterol is a second-order adaptation
D Amir, DMT Fessler
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Children are more forgiving of accidental harms across development
D Amir, R Ahl, WS Parsons, K McAuliffe
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Low prevalence of anemia among Shuar communities of Amazonian Ecuador
AM DeLouize, MA Liebert, FC Madimenos, SS Urlacher, JM Schrock, ...
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Common knowledge promotes cooperation in the threshold public goods game by reducing uncertainty
P Deutchman, D Amir, MR Jordan, K McAuliffe
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Cultural evolution need not imply group selection
D Amir, MR Jordan, DG Rand
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 39, e32, 2016
Tokens of virtue: Replicating incentivized measures of children’s prosocial behavior with online methods and virtual resources
RE Ahl, K Hannan, D Amir, A Baker, M Sheskin, K McAuliffe
Cognitive Development 66, 101313, 2023
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