Michael Hautmann
Michael Hautmann
Senior research scientist
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A synoptical classification of the Bivalvia (Mollusca)
JG Carter, CR Altaba, LC Anderson, R Araujo, AS Biakov, AE Bogan, ...
Paleontological Contributions 2011 (4), 1-47, 2011
Effect of end-Triassic CO2 maximum on carbonate sedimentation and marine mass extinction
M Hautmann
Facies 50, 257-261, 2004
New high‐resolution age data from the Ediacaran–Cambrian boundary indicate rapid, ecologically driven onset of the Cambrian explosion
U Linnemann, M Ovtcharova, U Schaltegger, A Gärtner, M Hautmann, ...
Terra Nova 31 (1), 49-58, 2019
Catastrophic ocean acidification at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary
M Hautmann, MJ Benton, A Tomasovy@ 4ch
Neues Jahrbuch Fur Geologie Und Palaontologie-Abhandlungen 249 (1), 119, 2008
New trace fossil evidence for an early recovery signal in the aftermath of the end-Permian mass extinction
R Hofmann, N Goudemand, M Wasmer, H Bucher, M Hautmann
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 310 (3-4), 216-226, 2011
Unexpected Early Triassic marine ecosystem and the rise of the Modern evolutionary fauna
A Brayard, LJ Krumenacker, JP Botting, JF Jenks, KG Bylund, E Fara, ...
Science Advances 3 (2), e1602159, 2017
Organic matter and palaeoenvironmental signals during the Early Triassic biotic recovery: The Salt Range and Surghar Range records
E Hermann, PA Hochuli, S Méhay, H Bucher, T Brühwiler, D Ware, ...
Sedimentary Geology 234 (1-4), 19-41, 2011
Terrestrial ecosystems on North Gondwana following the end-Permian mass extinction
E Hermann, PA Hochuli, H Bucher, T Brühwiler, M Hautmann, D Ware, ...
Gondwana Research 20 (2-3), 630-637, 2011
An unusually diverse mollusc fauna from the earliest Triassic of South China and its implications for benthic recovery after the end-Permian biotic crisis
M Hautmann, H Bucher, T Brühwiler, N Goudemand, A Kaim, A Nützel
Geobios 44 (1), 71-85, 2011
Recovery of benthic marine communities from the end‐P ermian mass extinction at the low latitudes of eastern P anthalassa
R Hofmann, M Hautmann, A Brayard, A Nuetzel, KG Bylund, JF Jenks, ...
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Palaeoecology of the Spathian Virgin Formation (Utah, USA) and its implications for the Early Triassic recovery
R Hofmann, M Hautmann, M Wasmer, H Bucher
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 58 (1), 149-173, 2013
Die Muschelfauna der Nayband-Formation (Obertrias, Nor-Rhät) des östlichen Zentraliran
M Hautmann
Selbstverlag der" Freunde der Wuerzburger Geowissenschaften", 2001
Competition in slow motion: the unusual case of benthic marine communities in the wake of the end‐P ermian mass extinction
M Hautmann, B Bagherpour, M Brosse, Å Frisk, R Hofmann, A Baud, ...
Palaeontology 58 (5), 871-901, 2015
Taxonomy and phylogeny of cementing Triassic bivalves (families Prospondylidae, Plicatulidae, Dimyidae and Ostreidae)
M Hautmann
Palaeontology 44 (2), 339-373, 2001
A new paleoecological look at the Dinwoody Formation (Lower Triassic, Western USA): intrinsic versus extrinsic controls on ecosystem recovery after the end-Permian mass extinction
R Hofmann, M Hautmann, H Bucher
Journal of Paleontology 87 (5), 854-880, 2013
Early Mesozoic evolution of alivincular bivalve ligaments and its implications for the timing of the ‘Mesozoic marine revolution’
M Hautmann
Lethaia 37 (2), 165-172, 2004
Shell mineralogical trends in epifaunal Mesozoic bivalves and their relationship to seawater chemistry and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration
M Hautmann
Facies 52 (3), 417-433, 2006
The Upper Triassic Nayband and Darkuh formations of east-central Iran: Stratigraphy, facies patterns and biota of extensional basins on an accreted terrane
FT Fürsich, MT Hautmann, B Senowbari-Daryan, K Seyed-Emami
Beringeria 35, 53-133, 2005
First record of a heterodont bivalve (Mollusca) from the Early Triassic: palaeoecological significance and implications for the ‘Lazarus problem’
M Hautmann, A Nützel
Palaeontology 48 (6), 1131-1138, 2005
Recovery dynamics of benthic marine communities from the Lower Triassic Werfen Formation, northern Italy
R Hofmann, M Hautmann, H Bucher
Lethaia 48 (4), 474-496, 2015
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