manuela panzacchi
manuela panzacchi
Researcher I, NINA, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research
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Habitat heterogeneity and mammalian predator–prey interactions
L Gorini, JDC Linnell, R May, M Panzacchi, L Boitani, M Odden, EB Nilsen
Mammal review 42 (1), 55-77, 2012
Predicting the potential demographic impact of predators on their prey: a comparative analysis of two carnivore–ungulate systems in Scandinavia
V Gervasi, EB Nilsen, H Sand, M Panzacchi, GR Rauset, HC Pedersen, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 81 (2), 443-454, 2012
Understanding scales of movement: animals ride waves and ripples of environmental change
B Van Moorter, N Bunnefeld, M Panzacchi, CM Rolandsen, EJ Solberg, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 82 (4), 770-780, 2013
Population control of coypu Myocastor coypus in Italy compared to eradication in UK: a cost-benefit analysis
M Panzacchi, R Cocchi, P Genovesi, S Bertolino
Wildlife Biology 13 (2), 159-171, 2007
Use of winter habitat by roe deer at a northern latitude where Eurasian lynx are present
II Ratikainen, M Panzacchi, A Mysterud, J Odden, J Linnell, R Andersen
Journal of Zoology 273 (2), 192-199, 2007
Predicting the continuum between corridors and barriers to animal movements using Step Selection Functions and Randomized Shortest Paths
M Panzacchi, B Van Moorter, O Strand, M Saerens, I Kivimäki, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (1), 32-42, 2016
‘You shall not pass!’: quantifying barrier permeability and proximity avoidance by animals
HL Beyer, E Gurarie, L Börger, M Panzacchi, M Basille, I Herfindal, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (1), 43-53, 2016
Learning from the past to predict the future: using archaeological findings and GPS data to quantify reindeer sensitivity to anthropogenic disturbance in Norway
M Panzacchi, B Van Moorter, P Jordhøy, O Strand
Landscape Ecology 28 (5), 847-859, 2013
When a generalist becomes a specialist: patterns of red fox predation on roe deer fawns under contrasting conditions
M Panzacchi, JDC Linnell, J Odden, M Odden, R Andersen
Canadian Journal of Zoology 86 (2), 116-126, 2008
Effect of land-use on small mammal abundance and diversity in a forest–farmland mosaic landscape in south-eastern Norway
M Panzacchi, JDC Linnell, C Melis, M Odden, J Odden, L Gorini, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 259 (8), 1536-1545, 2010
How many routes lead to migration? Comparison of methods to assess and characterize migratory movements
F Cagnacci, S Focardi, A Ghisla, B Van Moorter, EH Merrill, E Gurarie, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (1), 54-68, 2016
Habitat and roe deer fawn vulnerability to red fox predation
M Panzacchi, JDC Linnell, M Odden, J Odden, R Andersen
Journal of Animal Ecology 78 (6), 1124-1133, 2009
Comparative use of forest habitats by roe deer and moose in a human-modified landscape in southeastern Norway during winter
RT Torres, JC Carvalho, M Panzacchi, JDC Linnell, C Fonseca
Ecological Research 26 (4), 781-789, 2011
Estimating lichen volume and reindeer winter pasture quality from Landsat imagery
T Falldorf, O Strand, M Panzacchi, H Tømmervik
Remote Sensing of Environment 140, 573-579, 2014
Evaluation of the importance of roe deer fawns in the spring–summer diet of red foxes in southeastern Norway
M Panzacchi, JDC Linnell, G Serrao, S Eie, M Odden, J Odden, ...
Ecological Research 23 (5), 889-896, 2008
A road in the middle of one of the last wild reindeer migration routes in Norway: crossing behaviour and threats to conservation
M Panzacchi, BFA Van Moorter, O Strand
Trade-offs between maternal foraging and fawn predation risk in an income breeder
M Panzacchi, I Herfindal, JDC Linnell, M Odden, J Odden, R Andersen
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 64 (8), 1267-1278, 2010
Searching for the fundamental niche using individual‐based habitat selection modelling across populations
M Panzacchi, B Van Moorter, O Strand, LE Loe, E Reimers
Ecography 38 (7), 659-669, 2015
Modelling semi-aquatic vertebrates’ distribution at the drainage basin scale: The case of the otter Lutra lutra in Italy
D Ottaviani, M Panzacchi, GJ Lasinio, P Genovesi, L Boitani
Ecological Modelling 220 (2), 111-121, 2009
Roe deer face competing risks between predators along a gradient in abundance
C Melis, EB Nilsen, M Panzacchi, JDC Linnell, J Odden
Ecosphere 4 (9), 1-12, 2013
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