Gwenaël Rabut
Gwenaël Rabut
Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes
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Mapping the dynamic organization of the nuclear pore complex inside single living cells
G Rabut, V Doye, J Ellenberg
Nature cell biology 6 (11), 1114-1121, 2004
Function and regulation of protein neddylation
G Rabut, M Peter
EMBO reports 9 (10), 969-976, 2008
A complex of N-WASP and WIP integrates signalling cascades that lead to actin polymerization
V Moreau, F Frischknecht, I Reckmann, R Vincentelli, G Rabut, D Stewart, ...
Nature cell biology 2 (7), 441-448, 2000
An evolutionarily conserved NPC subcomplex, which redistributes in part to kinetochores in mammalian cells
N Belgareh, G Rabut, SW Baï, M van Overbeek, J Beaudouin, N Daigle, ...
The Journal of cell biology 154 (6), 1147-1160, 2001
Differential inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 fusion, gp120 binding, and CC-chemokine activity by monoclonal antibodies to CCR5
WC Olson, GEE Rabut, KA Nagashima, DNH Tran, DJ Anselma, ...
Journal of virology 73 (5), 4145-4155, 1999
The entire Nup107-160 complex, including three new members, is targeted as one entity to kinetochores in mitosis
I Loïodice, A Alves, G Rabut, M van Overbeek, J Ellenberg, JB Sibarita, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 15 (7), 3333-3344, 2004
Systematic kinetic analysis of mitotic dis-and reassembly of the nuclear pore in living cells
E Dultz, E Zanin, C Wurzenberger, M Braun, G Rabut, L Sironi, ...
The Journal of cell biology 180 (5), 857-865, 2008
Protein quality control at the inner nuclear membrane
A Khmelinskii, E Blaszczak, M Pantazopoulou, B Fischer, DJ Omnus, ...
Nature 516 (7531), 410-413, 2014
Alanine substitutions of polar and nonpolar residues in the amino-terminal domain of CCR5 differently impair entry of macrophage-and dualtropic isolates of human …
GEE Rabut, JA Konner, F Kajumo, JP Moore, T Dragic
Journal of virology 72 (4), 3464-3468, 1998
Automatic real‐time three‐dimensional cell tracking by fluorescence microscopy
G Rabut, J Ellenberg
Journal of microscopy 216 (2), 131-137, 2004
Nuclear envelope breakdown in starfish oocytes proceeds by partial NPC disassembly followed by a rapidly spreading fenestration of nuclear membranes
P Lénárt, G Rabut, N Daigle, AR Hand, M Terasaki, J Ellenberg
The Journal of cell biology 160 (7), 1055-1068, 2003
RanBP2/Nup358 provides a major binding site for NXF1-p15 dimers at the nuclear pore complex and functions in nuclear mRNA export
D Forler, G Rabut, FD Ciccarelli, A Herold, T Köcher, R Niggeweg, P Bork, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 24 (3), 1155-1167, 2004
Dynamics of nuclear pore complex organization through the cell cycle
G Rabut, P Lénįrt, J Ellenberg
Current opinion in cell biology 16 (3), 314-321, 2004
CSN-and CAND1-dependent remodelling of the budding yeast SCF complex
A Zemla, Y Thomas, S Kedziora, A Knebel, NT Wood, G Rabut, T Kurz
Nature communications 4 (1), 1641, 2013
Fluorescence perturbation techniques to study mobility and molecular dynamics of proteins in live cells: FRAP, photoactivation, photoconversion, and FLIP
A Bancaud, S Huet, G Rabut, J Ellenberg
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2010 (12), pdb. top90, 2010
Rtt101 and Mms1 in budding yeast form a CUL4DDB1-like ubiquitin ligase that promotes replication through damaged DNA
IW Zaidi, G Rabut, A Poveda, H Scheel, J Malmström, H Ulrich, ...
EMBO reports 9 (10), 1034-1040, 2008
Photobleaching techniques to study mobility and molecular dynamics of proteins in live cells: FRAP, iFRAP, and FLIP
G Rabut, J Ellenberg
Live Cell Imaging: A Laboratory Manual., 101-126, 2005
Expression of EGFP-amino-tagged human mu opioid receptor in Drosophila Schneider 2 cells: a potential expression system for large-scale production of G-protein coupled receptors
BG Perret, R Wagner, S Lecat, K Brillet, G Rabut, B Bucher, F Pattus
Protein expression and purification 31 (1), 123-132, 2003
The TFIIH subunit Tfb3 regulates cullin neddylation
G Rabut, G Le Dez, R Verma, T Makhnevych, A Knebel, T Kurz, C Boone, ...
Molecular Cell 43 (3), 488-495, 2011
Structural analysis of the conserved ubiquitin-binding motifs (UBMs) of the translesion polymerase iota in complex with ubiquitin
D Burschowsky, F Rudolf, G Rabut, T Herrmann, P Matthias, G Wider
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (2), 1364-1373, 2011
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