Lars-Erik Cederman
Lars-Erik Cederman
Professor of International Conflict Research, ETH Zurich
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Sitert av
Sitert av
Why do ethnic groups rebel? New data and analysis
LE Cederman, A Wimmer, B Min
World politics 62 (1), 87-119, 2010
Horizontal inequalities and ethnonationalist civil war: A global comparison
LE Cederman, NB Weidmann, KS Gleditsch
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LE Cederman, KS Gleditsch, H Buhaug
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Emergent actors in world politics: how states and nations develop and dissolve
LE Cederman
Princeton University Press, 1997
Beyond fractionalization: Mapping ethnicity onto nationalist insurgencies
LE Cederman, L Girardin
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Modeling the size of wars: From billiard balls to sandpiles
LE Cederman
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Ethnicity, the state, and the duration of civil war
J Wucherpfennig, NW Metternich, LE Cederman, KS Gleditsch
World Politics 64 (1), 79-115, 2012
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J Wucherpfennig, NB Weidmann, L Girardin, LE Cederman, A Wimmer
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LE Cederman
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H Buhaug, LE Cederman, KS Gleditsch
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H Buhaug, LE Cederman, JK Rød
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Ethnonationalist triads: Assessing the influence of kin groups on civil wars
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Back to Kant: Reinterpreting the democratic peace as a macrohistorical learning process
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Ethno-nationalist dyads and civil war: A GIS-based analysis
LE Cederman, H Buhaug, JK Rød
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Introduction to special issue on “disaggregating civil war”
LE Cederman, KS Gleditsch
Journal of Conflict Resolution 53 (4), 487-495, 2009
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