Dr. Javeed Ashraf  Awan
Dr. Javeed Ashraf Awan
Professor, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of the Punjab
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Solubility of hydrocarbons in water: Experimental measurements and modeling using a group contribution with association equation of state (GCA-EoS)
S Pereda, JA Awan, AH Mohammadi, A Valtz, C Coquelet, EA Brignole, ...
Fluid Phase Equilibria 275 (1), 52-59, 2009
Surface Functionalization of Cotton and PC Fabrics Using SiO2 and ZnO Nanoparticles for Durable Flame Retardant Properties
S Saleemi, T Naveed, T Riaz, H Memon, JA Awan, MI Siyal, F Xu, J Bae
Coatings 10 (2), 124, 2020
Biodiesel production intensification through microbubble mediated esterification
N Ahmad, F Javed, JA Awan, S Ali, T Fazal, A Hafeez, R Aslam, N Rashid, ...
Fuel 253, 25-31, 2019
Vapor− liquid equilibrium measurements and modeling of the propyl mercaptan+ methane+ water system
JA Awan, K Thomsen, C Coquelet, PL Fosbøl, D Richon
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 55 (2), 842-846, 2010
Densities, apparent molar volume, expansivities, Hepler’s constant, and isobaric thermal expansion coefficients of the binary mixtures of piperazine with water, methanol, and …
QM Omar, JN Jaubert, JA Awan
International Journal of Chemical Engineering 2018, 1-10, 2018
Phase equilibria of mixtures containing Organic Sulfur Species (OSS) and water/hydrocarbons: VLE measurements and modeling using the cubic-plus-association equation of state
JA Awan, I Tsivintzelis, MP Breil, C Coquelet, D Richon, GM Kontogeorgis
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 49 (24), 12718-12725, 2010
Volumetric properties of hexamethyleneimine and of its mixtures with water
C Coquelet, JA Awan, A Valtz, D Richon
Thermochimica acta 484 (1-2), 57-64, 2009
Co-pyrolysis and hydrogenation of Thar coal, waste plastic and waste oil blends for fuel oil production
S Mushtaq, S Munir, JA Awan, J Akhtar
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 40 …, 2018
Phase equilibria of three binary mixtures: Methanethiol+ methane, methanethiol+ nitrogen, and methanethiol+ carbon dioxide
JA Awan, I Tsivintzelis, C Coquelet, GM Kontogeorgis
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 57 (3), 896-901, 2012
Vapor–liquid–liquid equilibrium measurements and modeling of ethanethiol+ methane+ water, 1-propanethiol+ methane+ water and 1-butanethiol+ methane+ water ternary systems at …
JA Awan, GM Kontogeorgis, I Tsivintzelis, C Coquelet
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (41), 14698-14705, 2013
Vapor–Liquid–Liquid Equilibrium Measurements and Modeling of the Methanethiol+ Methane+ Water Ternary System at 304, 334, and 364 K
JA Awan, I Tsivintzelis, A Valtz, C Coquelet, GM Kontogeorgis
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 51 (35), 11561-11564, 2012
Effect of acid gases on the solubility of n-propylmercaptan in 50 wt% methyl-diethanolamine aqueous solution
JA Awan, A Valtz, C Coquelet, D Richon
chemical engineering research and design 86 (6), 600-605, 2008
Development and characterization of electrospun curcumin-loaded antimicrobial nanofibrous membranes
JA Awan, SU Rehman, MK Bangash, U Ali, M Asad, F Hussain, ...
Textile Research Journal 91 (13-14), 1478-1485, 2021
A new technique for the synthesis of lanthanum substituted nickel cobaltite nanocomposites for the photo catalytic degradation of organic dyes in wastewater
M Ayyob, I Ahmad, F Hussain, MK Bangash, JA Awan, JN Jaubert
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 13 (8), 6341-6347, 2020
Removal of toxic metallic ions Cr (VI), Cu (II), Ni (II), Co (II) and Cd (II) from waste water effluents of tanneries by using Punica granatum (pomgranate) membrane
H Saeed, FS Chaudhry, S Rehman, Z Rashid, A Ijaz, JA Awan
Iranica Journal of Energy & Environment 7 (1), 52-57, 2016
An overview of the thermodynamic models for acidgases in electrolyte solutions
JA Awan, M Saleem
Journal of Faculty of Engineering & Technology 18 (1), 13-29, 2011
Phase Equilibria on Three Binary Mixtures; Methyl mercaptan+ Methane, Methyl mercaptan+ Nitrogen and Methyl mercaptan+ Carbon dioxide
JA Awan, I Tsivintzelis, C Coquelet, GM Kontogeorgis
J. Chem. Eng. Data 57, 896-901, 2012
Vapor-liquid equilibria of organic sulfur species-alkanolamine aqueous solutions in the presence of acid gases
JA Awan
Paris, ENMP, 2009
Phase Equilibrium Measurements and Modeling of 1-Propanethiol +1-Butanethiol + CH4 in Methane Ternary System at 303, 336, and 368 K and Pressure Up to 9 …
JA Awan, C Coquelet, I Tsivintzelis, G Kontogeorgis
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 61 (1), 41-44, 2016
Regeneration of contaminated lubricating oil by solvent extraction
H Raza, Q Omar, JA Awan
6th symposium in engineering science, 4393-4397, 2016
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