Dr. Md. Hasan Zahir
Dr. Md. Hasan Zahir
Research Scientist I, Interdisciplinary Research Center for Renewable Energy and Power Systems
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Impact of anode microstructure on solid oxide fuel cells,
S Toshio, H Zahir, F Yoshiro, Y Toshiaki, F Yoshinobu, A Masanobu
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A review on current status and challenges of inorganic phase change materials for thermal energy storage systems
SA Mohamed, FA Al-Sulaiman, NI Ibrahim, MH Zahir, A Al-Ahmed, ...
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Supercooling of phase-change materials and the techniques used to mitigate the phenomenon
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Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Materials for Solar Energy Storage: MgO and Mg(OH)2 Mixed with Polyethylene Glycol
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Fabrication of micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells with a single-grain-thick yttria stabilized zirconia electrolyte
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Extractive separation of trivalent lanthanide metals with a combination of Di (2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid and 1, 10-phenanthroline
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Talanta 44 (3), 365-371, 1997
Experimental Assessment of a Novel Eutectic Binary Molten Salt-based Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanocomposite as a Promising PCM with Enhanced Specific Heat Capacity
MHZ M.H. Zahir, N. Aslfattahi, R. Saidur, N. Azwadi
J. Advan Resear Fluid Mecha. and Therm Sci 68 (1), 73-85, 2020
Low-frequency oscillation damping in the electric network through the optimal design of UPFC coordinated PSS employing MGGP
M Shafiullah, MJ Rana, MS Shahriar, MH Zahir
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Synthesis and properties of waterborne polyurethane (WBPU)/modified lignin amine (MLA) adhesive: A promising adhesive material
MM Rahman, MH Zahir, HD Kim
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MH Zahir, T Nagano, MM Rahman, K Alhooshani, S Chowdhury, MA Aziz
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 37 (7), 2637-2647, 2017
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