Francisco Encinas-Viso
Francisco Encinas-Viso
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Phenology drives mutualistic network structure and diversity
F Encinas‐Viso, TA Revilla, RS Etienne
Ecology letters 15 (3), 198-208, 2012
Limited access to food and physiological trade-offs in a long-distance migrant shorebird. II. Constitutive immune function and the acute-phase response
DM Buehler, F Encinas-Viso, M Petit, F Vézina, BI Tieleman, T Piersma
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 82 (5), 561-571, 2009
Genetic diversity and structure of the Australian flora
L Broadhurst, M Breed, A Lowe, J Bragg, R Catullo, D Coates, ...
Diversity and Distributions 23 (1), 41-52, 2017
Advancing DNA barcoding and metabarcoding applications for plants requires systematic analysis of herbarium collections—an Australian perspective
EE Dormontt, KJ Van Dijk, KL Bell, E Biffin, MF Breed, M Byrne, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6, 134, 2018
A comparison of network and clustering methods to detect biogeographical regions
NJ Bloomfield, N Knerr, F Encinas‐Viso
Ecography 41 (1), 1-10, 2018
Robustness of mutualistic networks under phenological change and habitat destruction
TA Revilla, F Encinas‐Viso, M Loreau
Oikos 124 (1), 22-32, 2015
Implications of the 2019–2020 megafires for the biogeography and conservation of Australian vegetation
RC Godfree, N Knerr, F Encinas-Viso, D Albrecht, D Bush, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 1-13, 2021
(A bit) Earlier or later is always better: Phenological shifts in consumer–resource interactions
TA Revilla, F Encinas-Viso, M Loreau
Theoretical ecology 7 (2), 149-162, 2014
Plant–mycorrhizal fungus co‐occurrence network lacks substantial structure
F Encinas‐Viso, D Alonso, JN Klironomos, RS Etienne, ER Chang
Oikos 125 (4), 457-467, 2016
Population Genetics of Duplicated Alternatively Spliced Exons of the Dscam Gene in Daphnia and Drosophila
D Brites, F Encinas-Viso, D Ebert, L Du Pasquier, CR Haag
PLoS One 6 (12), e27947, 2011
Historical reconstruction unveils the risk of mass mortality and ecosystem collapse during pancontinental megadrought
RC Godfree, N Knerr, D Godfree, J Busby, B Robertson, F Encinas-Viso
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (31), 15580-15589, 2019
Big data for a large clade: Bioregionalization and ancestral range estimation in the daisy family (Asteraceae)
C McDonald‐Spicer, NJ Knerr, F Encinas‐Viso, AN Schmidt‐Lebuhn
Journal of Biogeography 46 (2), 255-267, 2019
Dynamical transitions in a pollination–herbivory interaction: a conflict between mutualism and antagonism
TA Revilla, F Encinas–Viso
PloS one 10 (2), e0117964, 2015
Frugivores and cheap fruits make fruiting fruitful
F Encinas‐Viso, TA Revilla, E van Velzen, RS Etienne
Journal of evolutionary biology 27 (2), 313-324, 2014
Specialization for resistance in wild host-pathogen interaction networks
LG Barrett, F Encinas-Viso, JJ Burdon, PH Thrall
Frontiers in Plant Science 6, 761, 2015
Life history mediates mate limitation and population viability in self‐incompatible plant species
PH Thrall, F Encinas‐Viso, SE Hoebee, AG Young
Ecology and Evolution 4 (6), 673-687, 2014
Pollen analogues are transported across greater distances in bee‐pollinated than in hummingbird‐pollinated species of Justicia (Acanthaceae)
AN Schmidt‐Lebuhn, M Müller, P Pozo Inofuentes, F Encinas Viso, ...
Biotropica 51 (2), 99-103, 2019
Ecología y evolución de la endozoocoría
TA Revilla, F Encinas-Viso
Pollen DNA metabarcoding identifies regional provenance and high plant diversity in Australian honey
L Milla, K Sniderman, R Lines, M Mousavi‐Derazmahalleh, ...
Ecology and Evolution 11 (13), 8683-8698, 2021
The loss of self‐incompatibility in a range expansion
F Encinas‐Viso, AG Young, JR Pannell
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 33 (9), 1235-1244, 2020
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