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Afrooz Barnoush
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Recent developments in the study of hydrogen embrittlement: Hydrogen effect on dislocation nucleation
A Barnoush, H Vehoff
Acta Materialia 58 (16), 5274-5285, 2010
A review on the properties of iron aluminide intermetallics
M Zamanzade, A Barnoush, C Motz
Crystals 6 (1), 10, 2016
Correlation between dislocation density and nanomechanical response during nanoindentation
A Barnoush
Acta materialia 60 (3), 1268-1277, 2012
Resolving the hydrogen effect on dislocation nucleation and mobility by electrochemical nanoindentation
A Barnoush, M Asgari, R Johnsen
Scripta Materialia 66 (6), 414-417, 2012
In situ electrochemical nanoindentation: A technique for local examination of hydrogen embrittlement
A Barnoush, H Vehoff
Corrosion Science 50 (1), 259-267, 2008
Electrochemical nanoindentation: A new approach to probe hydrogen/deformation interaction
A Barnoush, H Vehoff
Scripta Materialia 55 (2), 195-198, 2006
Materials and corrosion trends in offshore and subsea oil and gas production
M Iannuzzi, A Barnoush, R Johnsen
npj Materials Degradation 1 (1), 1-11, 2017
Hydrogen embrittlement revealed via novel in situ fracture experiments using notched micro-cantilever specimens
Y Deng, A Barnoush
Acta Materialia 142, 236-247, 2018
In situ electrochemical microcantilever bending test: A new insight into hydrogen enhanced cracking
T Hajilou, Y Deng, BR Rogne, N Kheradmand, A Barnoush
Scripta Materialia 132, 17-21, 2017
Correlation between dislocation density and pop-in phenomena in aluminum studied by nanoindentation and electron channeling contrast imaging
A Barnoush, MT Welsch, H Vehoff
Scripta Materialia 63 (5), 465-468, 2010
Hydrogen embrittlement
A Barnoush
Saarland University, 2011
Microstructural characterization of pulsed plasma nitrided 316L stainless steel
M Asgari, A Barnoush, R Johnsen, R Hoel
Materials Science and Engineering: A 529, 425-434, 2011
An insight into the role of the grain boundary in plastic deformation by means of a bicrystalline pillar compression test and atomistic simulation
N Kheradmand, H Vehoff, A Barnoush
Acta Materialia 61 (19), 7454-7465, 2013
Fracture assessment of polymethyl methacrylate using sharp notched disc bend specimens under mixed mode I+ III loading
MRM Aliha, F Berto, A Bahmani, S Akhondi, A Barnoush
Physical Mesomechanics 19 (4), 355-364, 2016
Effect of hydrogen on nanomechanical properties in Fe-22Mn-0.6 C TWIP steel revealed by in-situ electrochemical nanoindentation
D Wang, X Lu, Y Deng, X Guo, A Barnoush
Acta Materialia 166, 618-629, 2019
Examination of hydrogen embrittlement in FeAl by means of in situ electrochemical micropillar compression and nanoindentation techniques
A Barnoush, J Dake, N Kheradmand, H Vehoff
Intermetallics 18 (7), 1385-1389, 2010
In-situ micro-cantilever bending test in environmental scanning electron microscope: Real time observation of hydrogen enhanced cracking
Y Deng, T Hajilou, D Wan, N Kheradmand, A Barnoush
Scripta Materialia 127, 19-23, 2017
Direct observation of hydrogen-enhanced plasticity in super duplex stainless steel by means of in situ electrochemical methods
A Barnoush, M Zamanzade, H Vehoff
Scripta Materialia 62 (5), 242-245, 2010
Hydrogen embrittlement, revisited by in situ electrochemical nanoindentation
A Barnoush
Hydrogen embrittlement of aluminum in aqueous environments examined by in situ electrochemical nanoindentation
A Barnoush, H Vehoff
Scripta Materialia 58 (9), 747-750, 2008
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