W.F (Fred) de Boer
W.F (Fred) de Boer
Associate Professor
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Natural resource use, crop damage and attitudes of rural people in the vicinity of the Maputo Elephant Reserve, Mozambique
WF De Boer, DS Baquete
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Seagrass–sediment interactions, positive feedbacks and critical thresholds for occurrence: a review
WF De Boer
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WF Boer, HHT Prins
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HJ De Knegt, GM Hengeveld, F Van Langevelde, WF De Boer, ...
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WF de Boer
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SR Bush, PAM Van Zwieten, L Visser, H van Dijk, R Bosma, WF de Boer, ...
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Spatio-temporal dynamics of global H5N1 outbreaks match bird migration patterns
Y Si, AK Skidmore, T Wang, WF De Boer, P Debba, AG Toxopeus, L Li, ...
GnosisGIS, 2009
A post-classifier for mangrove mapping using ecological data
C Vaiphasa, AK Skidmore, WF de Boer
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Species' life-history traits explain interspecific variation in reservoir competence: a possible mechanism underlying the dilution effect
ZYX Huang, WF de Boer, F van Langevelde, V Olson, TM Blackburn, ...
PLoS One 8 (1), e54341, 2013
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