Jason Turcotte
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News recommendations from social media opinion leaders: Effects on media trust and information seeking
J Turcotte, C York, J Irving, RM Scholl, RJ Pingree
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Vacationing from Facebook: Adoption, temporary discontinuance, and readoption of an innovation
C York, J Turcotte
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J Turcotte
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J Turcotte, N Paul
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Political knowledge and exposure to the 2012 US presidential debates: Does debate format matter?
J Turcotte, RK Goidel
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The many layers of local: proximity and market influence on news coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
J Turcotte, A Kirzinger, J Dunaway, K Goidel
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Who’s citing whom? Source selection and elite indexing in electoral debates
J Turcotte
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Difficulty in seeking information about health care quality and costs: The field of dreams fallacy
K Goidel, A Kirzinger, M DeFleur, J Turcotte
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The novelty news frame: How social identity influences policy attention of minority presidential candidates
J Turcotte, L Furey, JO Garcia-Ortega, N Hernandez, C Siccion, ...
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Predicting policy: exploring news attention to policy issues in electoral debates
J Turcotte
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All the polling (data) that’s fit to print? An analysis of online news coverage of 2016 primary polls
J Turcotte, K Medenilla, K Villaseñor, S Lampwalla
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Debates and the disincentives of democracy: How news norms and values influence moderator agendas
J Turcotte
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Miss (ing) Representation: Examining How Race Shaped News Coverage of Missing Women Surrounding Gabby Petito’s Disappearance
L Furey, J Turcotte, J Sorrell, N Urbina, E Frisan, N Corrales
Journalism Practice, 1-18, 2023
Comedy, Cameos, and Campaign Communication: Leveraging Entertainment Media to Win Elections and Advance Policy
J Turcotte
Routledge, 2024
How Journalistic Objectivity Turns Matters of Science into Matters of Politics: A Closer Look at Climate Change and COVID-19 Reporting
J Turcotte, NH Florez
Issues in Contemporary American Journalism, 55-62, 2023
"Enemies of the people”: Elites, attacks, and news trust in the era of Trump
J Turcotte
Communication in the age of Trump, pp.354, 2018
Politics Is a Joke! How TV Comedians Are Remaking Political Life
J Turcotte
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 92 (4), 1014, 2015
Despite progress on gender equity in US politics, female journalists and candidates do little to diversify debate agendas
J Turcotte, N Paul
USApp–American Politics and Policy Blog, 2015
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