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Joel Millward-Hopkins
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Providing decent living with minimum energy: A global scenario
J Millward-Hopkins, JK Steinberger, ND Rao, Y Oswald
Global Environmental Change 65, 102168, 2020
Metrics for optimising the multi-dimensional value of resources recovered from waste in a circular economy: A critical review
E Iacovidou, CA Velis, P Purnell, O Zwirner, A Brown, J Hahladakis, ...
Journal of cleaner production 166, 910-938, 2017
A pathway to circular economy: Developing a conceptual framework for complex value assessment of resources recovered from waste
E Iacovidou, J Millward-Hopkins, J Busch, P Purnell, CA Velis, ...
Journal of cleaner production 168, 1279-1288, 2017
Estimating aerodynamic parameters of urban-like surfaces with heterogeneous building heights
JT Millward-Hopkins, AS Tomlin, L Ma, D Ingham, M Pourkashanian
Boundary-layer meteorology 141, 443-465, 2011
Assessing the potential of urban wind energy in a major UK city using an analytical model
JT Millward-Hopkins, AS Tomlin, L Ma, DB Ingham, M Pourkashanian
Renewable energy 60, 701-710, 2013
Innovative financing models for low carbon transitions: Exploring the case for revolving funds for domestic energy efficiency programmes
A Gouldson, N Kerr, J Millward-Hopkins, MC Freeman, C Topi, R Sullivan
Energy Policy 86, 739-748, 2015
Accelerating low carbon development in the World’s cities
AP Gouldson, S Colenbrander, A Sudmant, N Godfrey, ...
New Climate Economy, 2015
Producer cities and consumer cities: Using production-and consumption-based carbon accounts to guide climate action in China, the UK, and the US
A Sudmant, A Gouldson, J Millward-Hopkins, K Scott, J Barrett
Journal of Cleaner Production 176, 654-662, 2018
Fully integrated modelling for sustainability assessment of resource recovery from waste
J Millward-Hopkins, J Busch, P Purnell, O Zwirner, CA Velis, A Brown, ...
Science of the Total Environment 612, 613-624, 2018
Global redistribution of income and household energy footprints: a computational thought experiment
Y Oswald, JK Steinberger, D Ivanova, J Millward-Hopkins
Global Sustainability 4, e4, 2021
Urban wind: Characterisation of useful gust and energy capture
FC Emejeamara, AS Tomlin, JT Millward-Hopkins
Renewable Energy 81, 162-172, 2015
The predictability of above roof wind resource in the urban roughness sublayer
JT Millward‐Hopkins, AS Tomlin, L Ma, D Ingham, M Pourkashanian
Wind Energy 15 (2), 225-243, 2012
Mapping the wind resource over UK cities
JT Millward-Hopkins, AS Tomlin, L Ma, DB Ingham, M Pourkashanian
Renewable energy 55, 202-211, 2013
Inequality can double the energy required to secure universal decent living
J Millward-Hopkins
Nature Communications 13 (1), 5028, 2022
Uncovering blind spots in urban carbon management: the role of consumption-based carbon accounting in Bristol, UK
J Millward-Hopkins, A Gouldson, K Scott, J Barrett, A Sudmant
Regional environmental change 17, 1467-1478, 2017
Aerodynamic parameters of a UK city derived from morphological data
JT Millward-Hopkins, AS Tomlin, L Ma, DB Ingham, M Pourkashanian
Boundary-layer meteorology 146, 447-468, 2013
Circulating blame in the circular economy: The case of wood-waste biofuels and coal ash
J Millward-Hopkins, P Purnell
Energy Policy 129, 168-172, 2019
‘Fair’inequality, consumption and climate mitigation
J Millward-Hopkins, Y Oswald
Environmental Research Letters 16 (3), 034007, 2021
Public perceptions of how to reduce carbon footprints of consumer food choices
A Kause, W Bruine de Bruin, J Millward-Hopkins, H Olsson
Environmental Research Letters 14 (11), 114005, 2019
Resource recovery and low carbon transitions: The hidden impacts of substituting cement with imported ‘waste’materials from coal and steel production
J Millward-Hopkins, O Zwirner, P Purnell, CA Velis, E Iacovidou, A Brown
Global environmental change 53, 146-156, 2018
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