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The nitrate radical: Physics, chemistry, and the atmosphere
RP Wayne, I Barnes, P Biggs, JP Burrows, CE Canosa-Mas, J Hjorth, ...
Atmospheric Environment. Part A. General Topics 25 (1), 1-203, 1991
Atmospheric composition change–global and regional air quality
PS Monks, C Granier, S Fuzzi, A Stohl, ML Williams, H Akimoto, M Amann, ...
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Dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl sulfoxide and their oxidation in the atmosphere
I Barnes, J Hjorth, N Mihalopoulos
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Hygroscopic properties of aerosol formed by oxidation of limonene, α‐pinene, and β‐pinene
A Virkkula, R Van Dingenen, F Raes, J Hjorth
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cis-Pinic acid, a possible precursor for organic aerosol formation from ozonolysis of α-pinene
TS Christoffersen, J Hjorth, O Horie, NR Jensen, D Kotzias, LL Molander, ...
Atmospheric Environment 32 (10), 1657-1661, 1998
Ozonolysis at vegetation surfaces: a source of acetone, 4-oxopentanal, 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one, and geranyl acetone in the troposphere
P Fruekilde, J Hjorth, NR Jensen, D Kotzias, B Larsen
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Formation of HNO2 on aerosol surfaces during foggy periods in the presence of NO and NO2
J Notholt, J Hjorth, F Raes
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Loss of volatile acid species from upper firn layers at Vostok, Antarctica
P Wagnon, RJ Delmas, M Legrand
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Measuring atmospheric composition change
P Laj, J Klausen, M Bilde, C Plass-Duelmer, G Pappalardo, C Clerbaux, ...
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Kinetic study of gas‐phase reactions of pinonaldehyde and structurally related compounds
M Glasius, A Calogirou, NR Jensen, J Hjorth, CJ Nielsen
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Observation of DMSO and CH3S(O)OH from the gas phase reaction between DMS and OH
S Sørensen, H Falbe-Hansen, M Mangoni, J Hjorth, NR Jensen
Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry 24 (3), 299-315, 1996
Measurements of acetone and other gas phase product yields from the OH-initiated oxidation of terpenes by proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS)
A Wisthaler, NR Jensen, R Winterhalter, W Lindinger, J Hjorth
Atmospheric Environment 35 (35), 6181-6191, 2001
LC-MS analysis of aerosol particles from the oxidation of?-pinene by ozone and OH-radicals
R Winterhalter, R Van Dingenen, BR Larsen, NR Jensen, J Hjorth
A DOAS study on the origin of nitrous acid at urban and non-urban sites
MD Andrés-Hernández, J Notholt, J Hjorth, O Schrems
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Atmospheric degradation and global warming potentials of three perfluoroalkenes
G Acerboni, JA Beukes, NR Jensen, J Hjorth, G Myhre, CJ Nielsen, ...
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Products and mechanisms of the reactions of the nitrate radical (NO3) with isoprene, 1, 3-butadiene and 2, 3-dimethyl-1, 3-butadiene in air
H Skov, J Hjorth, C Lohse, NR Jensen, G Restelli
Atmospheric Environment. Part A. General Topics 26 (15), 2771-2783, 1992
The role of multiphase chemistry in the oxidation of dimethylsulphide (DMS). A latitude dependent analysis
F Campolongo, A Saltelli, NR Jensen, J Wilson, J Hjorth
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Gas-phase reaction of phenol with NO3
E Bolzacchini, M Bruschi, J Hjorth, S Meinardi, M Orlandi, B Rindone, ...
Environmental science & technology 35 (9), 1791-1797, 2001
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