Yuri Faenza
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Reinforcement learning for integer programming: Learning to cut
Y Tang, S Agrawal, Y Faenza
International conference on machine learning, 9367-9376, 2020
Extended formulations, nonnegative factorizations, and randomized communication protocols
Y Faenza, S Fiorini, R Grappe, HR Tiwary
Mathematical Programming 153 (1), 75-94, 2015
On largest volume simplices and sub-determinants
MD Summa, F Eisenbrand, Y Faenza, C Moldenhauer
Proceedings of the twenty-sixth annual ACM-SIAM symposium on Discrete …, 2014
An algorithmic decomposition of claw-free graphs leading to an O(n3)-algorithm for the weighted stable set problem
Y Faenza, G Oriolo, G Stauffer
Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete …, 2011
Solving the weighted stable set problem in claw-free graphs via decomposition
Y Faenza, G Oriolo, G Stauffer
Journal of the ACM (JACM) 61 (4), 1-41, 2014
Popular matchings and limits to tractability
Y Faenza, T Kavitha, V Powers, X Zhang
Proceedings of the Thirtieth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete …, 2019
Extended formulations for packing and partitioning orbitopes
Y Faenza, V Kaibel
Mathematics of Operations Research 34 (3), 686-697, 2009
Solving the stable set problem in terms of the odd cycle packing number
A Bock, Y Faenza, C Moldenhauer, AJ Ruiz-Vargas
34th International Conference on Foundation of Software Technology and …, 2014
Enumeration of 2-level polytopes
A Bohn, Y Faenza, S Fiorini, V Fisikopoulos, M Macchia, K Pashkovich
Mathematical Programming Computation 11 (1), 173-210, 2019
Quasi-popular matchings, optimality, and extended formulations
Y Faenza, T Kavitha
Mathematics of Operations Research 47 (1), 427-457, 2022
On 2-level polytopes arising in combinatorial settings
M Aprile, A Cevallos, Y Faenza
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 32 (3), 1857-1886, 2018
Separating stable sets in claw-free graphs via Padberg-Rao and compact linear programs
Y Faenza, G Oriolo, G Stauffer
Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete …, 2012
A PTAS for the time-invariant incremental knapsack problem
Y Faenza, I Malinovic
Combinatorial Optimization: 5th International Symposium, ISCO 2018 …, 2018
Extension complexity of stable set polytopes of bipartite graphs
M Aprile, Y Faenza, S Fiorini, T Huynh, M Macchia
Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science: 43rd International Workshop …, 2017
Reverse Chvátal--Gomory Rank
M Conforti, A Del Pia, M Di Summa, Y Faenza, R Grappe
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 29 (1), 166-181, 2015
Understanding popular matchings via stable matchings
Á Cseh, Y Faenza, T Kavitha, V Powers
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 36 (1), 188-213, 2022
Extended formulations from communication protocols in output-efficient time
M Aprile, Y Faenza
Mathematical Programming 183, 41-59, 2020
On coloring problems with local constraints
F Bonomo, Y Faenza, G Oriolo
Discrete Mathematics 312 (12-13), 2027-2039, 2012
On inequalities with bounded coefficients and pitch for the min knapsack polytope
D Bienstock, Y Faenza, I Malinović, M Mastrolilli, O Svensson, ...
Discrete Optimization 44, 100567, 2022
Reducing the Feeder Effect in Public School Admissions: A Bias-aware Analysis for Targeted Interventions
Y Faenza, S Gupta, X Zhang
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.10846, 2020
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