Montserrat Vallverdú
Montserrat Vallverdú
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Refined multiscale entropy: Application to 24-h holter recordings of heart period variability in healthy and aortic stenosis subjects
JF Valencia, A Porta, M Vallverdu, F Claria, R Baranowski, ...
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I Cygankiewicz, W Zareba, R Vazquez, M Vallverdu, ...
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MT Valderas, J Bolea, P Laguna, M Vallverdú, R Bailón
2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2015
Dynamics of ventricular repolarization in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy versus healthy subjects
JL Alonso, P Martínez, M Vallverdú, I Cygankiewicz, MV Pitzalis, AB Genís, ...
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Mutual information measures applied to EEG signals for sleepiness characterization
U Melia, M Guaita, M Vallverdú, C Embid, I Vilaseca, M Salamero, ...
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Spectral analysis of heart period variance (HPV)–a tool to stratify risk following myocardial infarction
E Láng, P Caminal, G Horváth, R Jané, M Vallverdú, I Slezsák, ...
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MISS: a non-linear methodology based on mutual information for genetic association studies in both population and sib-pairs analysis
H Brunel, JJ Gallardo-Chacón, A Buil, M Vallverdú, JM Soria, P Caminal, ...
Bioinformatics 26 (15), 1811-1818, 2010
Multiscale complexity analysis of the cardiac control identifies asymptomatic and symptomatic patients in long QT syndrome type 1
V Bari, JF Valencia, M Vallverdú, G Girardengo, A Marchi, T Bassani, ...
PLoS One 9 (4), e93808, 2014
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Short-term versus long-term heart rate variability in ischemic cardiomyopathy risk stratification
A Voss, R Schroeder, M Vallverdú, S Schulz, I Cygankiewicz, R Vázquez, ...
Frontiers in physiology 4, 364, 2013
Hidden Markov models based on symbolic dynamics for statistical modeling of cardiovascular control in hypertensive pregnancy disorders
V Baier, M Baumert, P Caminal, M Vallverdú, R Faber, A Voss
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Symbolic dynamic analysis of relations between cardiac and breathing cycles in patients on weaning trials
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Validation of the Index of Consciousness (IoC) during sedation/analgesia for ultrasonographic endoscopy
EW Jensen, M Jospin, PL Gambus, M Vallverdu, P Caminal
2008 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2008
Compression entropy contributes to risk stratification in patients with cardiomyopathy/Kompressionsentropie zur verbesserten Risikostratifizierung bei Patienten mit DCM
S Truebner, I Cygankiewicz, R Schroeder, M Baumert, M Vallverdu, ...
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Complexity of the short-term heart-rate variability
JF Valencia, M Vallverdu, R Schroeder, A Voss, R Vazquez, AB de Luna, ...
IEEE engineering in medicine and biology magazine 28 (6), 72-78, 2009
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