Zhiqun (Daniel) Deng
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High‐Performance LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4 Spinel Controlled by Mn3+ Concentration and Site Disorder
J Xiao, X Chen, PV Sushko, ML Sushko, L Kovarik, J Feng, Z Deng, ...
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The juvenile salmon acoustic telemetry system: a new tool
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Direct Observation of Sulfur Radicals as Reaction Media in Lithium Sulfur Batteries
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Assessing barotrauma in neutrally and negatively buoyant juvenile salmonids exposed to simulated hydro-turbine passage using a mobile aquatic barotrauma laboratory
JR Stephenson, AJ Gingerich, RS Brown, BD Pflugrath, Z Deng, ...
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Following the Transient Reactions in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Using an In Situ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technique
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RS Brown, AH Colotelo, BD Pflugrath, CA Boys, LJ Baumgartner, ...
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Six-degree-of-freedom sensor fish design and instrumentation
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Envisioning the future of aquatic animal tracking: technology, science, and application
RJ Lennox, K Aarestrup, SJ Cooke, PD Cowley, ZD Deng, AT Fisk, ...
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A cabled acoustic telemetry system for detecting and tracking juvenile salmon: Part 2. Three-dimensional tracking and passage outcomes
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Tunable electrochemical properties of fluorinated graphene
P Meduri, H Chen, J Xiao, JJ Martinez, T Carlson, JG Zhang, ZD Deng
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (27), 7866-7869, 2013
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