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Neil Foley
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Radar Reflections from Basal Ice May Be Misinterpreted As Frozen Bed
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Groundwater and Thaw Legacy of a Large Paleolake in Taylor Valley, East Antarctica as Evidenced by Airborne Electromagnetic and Sedimentological Techniques
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Thin, Conductive Permafrost Surrounding Lake Fryxell Indicates Salts From Past Lakes, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
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Strong Control of Salts on Near Surface Liquid Water Content in a High Polar Desert Indicated by Near Surface Resistivity Mapping with a Helicopter-Borne TEM Sensor, Lower …
N Foley, SM Tulaczyk, E Auken, J Mikucki, KF Myers, H Dugan, PT Doran, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2016
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N Foley, S Tulaczyk, E Auken, C Schamper, H Dugan, J Mikucki, ...
GEOPHYSICS 81 (1), 2016
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