Thomas Richard Congdon
Thomas Richard Congdon
CEO and Cofounder, CryoLogyx Ltd and Visiting Academic at the University of Warwick
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The SARS-COV-2 spike protein binds sialic acids and enables rapid detection in a lateral flow point of care diagnostic device
AN Baker, SJ Richards, CS Guy, TR Congdon, M Hasan, AJ Zwetsloot, ...
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Ice recrystallisation inhibition by polyols: comparison of molecular and macromolecular inhibitors and role of hydrophobic units
RC Deller, T Congdon, MA Sahid, M Morgan, M Vatish, DA Mitchell, ...
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Polymer self-assembly induced enhancement of ice recrystallization inhibition
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Thermoresponsive, well-defined, poly (vinyl alcohol) co-polymers
T Congdon, P Shaw, MI Gibson
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Probing the biomimetic ice nucleation inhibition activity of poly (vinyl alcohol) and comparison to synthetic and biological polymers
T Congdon, BT Dean, J Kasperczak-Wright, CI Biggs, R Notman, ...
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High-throughput tertiary amine deoxygenated photopolymerizations for synthesizing polymer libraries
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Ice recrystallisation inhibiting polymer nano-objects via saline-tolerant polymerisation-induced self-assembly
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Red blood cell cryopreservation with minimal post-thaw lysis enabled by a synergistic combination of a cryoprotecting polyampholyte with DMSO/trehalose
A Murray, TR Congdon, RMF Tomás, P Kilbride, MI Gibson
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TR Congdon, R Notman, MI Gibson
European Polymer Journal 88, 320-327, 2017
Evidence, manipulation, and termination of pH ‘Nanobuffering’for quantitative homogenous scavenging of monoclonal antibodies
P Anees, Y Zhao, AA Greschner, TR Congdon, HW de Haan, N Cottenye, ...
ACS nano 13 (2), 1019-1028, 2018
Ice recrystallisation inhibiting polymers prevent irreversible protein aggregation during solvent-free cryopreservation as additives and as covalent polymer-protein conjugates
AER Fayter, M Hasan, TR Congdon, I Kontopoulou, MI Gibson
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Synthesis of polymeric microcapsules by interfacial-suspension cationic photopolymerisation of divinyl ether monomer in aqueous suspension
M Benedetti, TR Congdon, SP Bassett, M Alauhdin, SM Howdle, ...
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Photo-polymerisation and study of the ice recrystallisation inhibition of hydrophobically modified poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) co-polymers
C Stubbs, TR Congdon, MI Gibson
European Polymer Journal 110, 330-336, 2019
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