David M Wilkinson
David M Wilkinson
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The disturbing history of intermediate disturbance
DM Wilkinson
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The biogeography of abundant and rare bacterioplankton in the lakes and reservoirs of China
L Liu, J Yang, Z Yu, DM Wilkinson
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DM Wilkinson, S Koumoutsaris, EAD Mitchell, I Bey
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What is the upper size limit for cosmopolitan distribution in free‐living microorganisms?
DM Wilkinson
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Is local provenance important in habitat creation?
DM Wilkinson
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DM Wilkinson, TN Sherratt
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Metal resistance in trees: the role of mycorrhizae
DM Wilkinson, NM Dickinson
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Testate amoebae and nutrient cycling with particular reference to soils
DM Wilkinson, EAD Mitchell
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Soil protistology rebooted: 30 fundamental questions to start with
S Geisen, EAD Mitchell, DM Wilkinson, S Adl, M Bonkowski, MW Brown, ...
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Response of the eukaryotic plankton community to the cyanobacterial biomass cycle over 6 years in two subtropical reservoirs
L Liu, H Chen, M Liu, JR Yang, P Xiao, DM Wilkinson, J Yang
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Fundamental processes in ecology: an earth systems approach
DM Wilkinson
Oxford University Press, 2006
Plant colonization: are wind dispersed seeds really dispersed by birds at larger spatial and temporal scales?
DM Wilkinson
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Not all free‐living microorganisms have cosmopolitan distributions–the case of Nebela (Apodera) vas Certes (Protozoa: Amoebozoa: Arcellinida)
HG Smith, DM Wilkinson
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Large-scale biogeographical patterns of bacterial antibiotic resistome in the waterbodies of China
L Liu, JQ Su, Y Guo, DM Wilkinson, Z Liu, YG Zhu, J Yang
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The parable of Green Mountain: Ascension Island, ecosystem construction and ecological fitting
DM Wilkinson
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Big questions in ecology and evolution
TN Sherratt, DM Wilkinson
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At cross purposes
DM Wilkinson
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The adaptive significance of autumn leaf colours
DM Wilkinson, TN Sherratt, DM Phillip, SD Wratten, AFG Dixon, AJ Young
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The origins and persistence of< i> Homo floresiensis</i> on Flores: biogeographical and ecological perspectives
RW Dennell, J Louys, HJ O'Regan, DM Wilkinson
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Red leaves, insects and coevolution: a red herring?
HM Schaefer, DM Wilkinson
Trends in ecology & evolution 19 (12), 616-618, 2004
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