Peter Gostomski
Peter Gostomski
Chemical & Process Engineering, University of Canterbury
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Effects of hydraulic and solids retention times on productivity and settleability of microbial (microalgal-bacterial) biomass grown on primary treated wastewater as a biofuel …
JM Valigore, PA Gostomski, DG Wareham, AD O’Sullivan
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KR Schmidt, S Chand, PA Gostomski, KS H. Boyd‐Wilson, C Ford, ...
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Solution structure of the 3'-5'cyclic dinucleotide d (pApA). A combined NMR, UV melting, and molecular mechanics study.
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Development of a biofilter with water content control for research purposes
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A desktop virtual reality application for chemical and process engineering education
E Abdul Rahim, A Duenser, M Billinghurst, A Herritsch, K Unsworth, ...
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Metabolic uncouplers in environmental research: a critical review
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RJL De Vela, PA Gostomski
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Metabolic uncouplers for controlling biomass accumulation in biological waste treatment systems
PA Gostomski, RJ De Vela
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Studies on the influence of different metabolic uncouplers on the biodegradation of toluene in a differential biofilter reactor
S Detchanamurthy, PA Gostomski
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Development of a modified differential biofiltration reactor with online sample and carbon dioxide monitoring system
S Detchanamurthy, PA Gostomski
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The impact of environmental parameters on the conversion of toluene to CO2 and extracellular polymeric substances in a differential soil biofilter
A Bordoloi, DJ Gapes, PA Gostomski
Chemosphere 232, 304-314, 2019
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