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Aggregate shape effect on the diffusivity of mortar: A 3D numerical investigation by random packing models of ellipsoidal particles and of convex polyhedral particles
L Liu, D Shen, H Chen, W Xu
Computers & structures 144, 40-51, 2014
Modeling of the internal damage of saturated cement paste due to ice crystallization pressure during freezing
L Liu, G Ye, E Schlangen, H Chen, Z Qian, W Sun, K Van Breugel
Cement and Concrete Composites 33 (5), 562-571, 2011
Investigation of pore structure and mechanical property of cement paste subjected to the coupled action of freezing/thawing and calcium leaching
L Liu, X Wang, J Zhou, H Chu, D Shen, H Chen, S Qin
Cement and Concrete Research 109, 133-146, 2018
Analysis of damage development in cement paste due to ice nucleation at different temperatures
L Liu, D Shen, H Chen, W Sun, Z Qian, H Zhao, J Jiang
Cement and Concrete Composites 53, 1-9, 2014
Estimation of the ionic diffusivity of virtual cement paste by random walk algorithm
L Liu, W Sun, G Ye, H Chen, Z Qian
Construction and Building Materials 28 (1), 405-413, 2012
Microstructure-based modelling of drying shrinkage and microcracking of cement paste at high relative humidity
L Liu, X Wang, H Chen, C Wan
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Aggregate shape effect on the overestimation of ITZ thickness: Quantitative analysis of Platonic particles
H Chen, Z Zhu, L Liu, W Sun, C Miao
Powder technology 289, 1-17, 2016
Numerical investigation of the effects of freezing on micro-internal damage and macro-mechanical properties of cement pastes
L Liu, S Wu, H Chen, Z Haitao
Cold Regions Science and Technology 106, 141-152, 2014
Numerical modeling of drying shrinkage deformation of cement-based composites by coupling multiscale structure model with 3D lattice analyses
L Liu, X Wang, H Chen, C Wan, M Zhang
Computers & Structures 178, 88-104, 2017
Microstructure-based modeling of the diffusivity of cement paste with micro-cracks
L Liu, H Chen, W Sun, G Ye
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Application design of concrete canvas (CC) in soil reinforced structure
H Li, H Chen, L Liu, F Zhang, F Han, T Lv, W Zhang, Y Yang
Geotextiles and Geomembranes 44 (4), 557-567, 2016
Evaluation of mesostructure of particulate composites by quantitative stereology and random sequential packing model of mono-/polydisperse convex polyhedral particles
W Xu, H Chen, L Liu
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (20), 6678-6693, 2013
Characterization of the wall effect of concrete via random packing of polydispersed superball-shaped aggregates
J Lin, H Chen, R Zhang, L Liu
Materials Characterization 154, 335-343, 2019
Poro-elastic–plastic model for cement-based materials subjected to freeze–thaw cycles
L Liu, S Qin, X Wang
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Numerical modeling on the influence of particle shape on ITZ’s microstructure and macro-properties of cementitious composites: A critical review
H Chen, Z Zhu, J Lin, W Xu, L Liu
Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials 7 (4), 248-269, 2018
A high-pressure X-ray diffraction study of the crystalline phases in calcium aluminate cement paste
G Geng, J Li, Y Zhou, L Liu, J Yan, M Kunz, PJM Monteiro
Cement and Concrete Research 108, 38-45, 2018
Multi-scale modelling for diffusivity based on practical estimation of interfacial properties in cementitious materials
Z Zhu, H Chen, L Liu, X Li
Powder Technology 307, 109-118, 2017
Simulation of the volumetric deformation and changes in the pore structure of unsaturated cement-based materials subjected to freezing/thawing
L Liu, G Qin, S Qin, G Tao
Construction and Building Materials 230, 116964, 2020
Effect of pore characteristic on the percolation threshold and diffusivity of porous media comprising overlapping concave-shaped pores
J Lin, W Zhang, H Chen, R Zhang, L Liu
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 138, 1333-1345, 2019
Impact of particle size ratio on the percolation thresholds of 2D bidisperse granular systems composed of overlapping superellipses
J Lin, H Chen, L Liu, R Zhang
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 544, 123564, 2020
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