Friso van der Veen
Friso van der Veen
Emeritus hoogleraar Natuurkunde, ETH-Zürich
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Sitert av
Observation of surface melting
JWM Frenken, JF Van der Veen
Physical review letters 54 (2), 134, 1985
Ion beam crystallography of surfaces and interfaces
JF van der Veen
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Generation of misfit dislocations in semiconductors
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Layering of a liquid metal in contact with a hard wall
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Diffraction-limited storage rings–a window to the science of tomorrow
M Eriksson, JF Van der Veen, C Quitmann
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: A chemisorbed structure
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Surface-induced melting and freezing II. A semi-empirical Landau-type model
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Structure-Dependent —Core-Level Binding Energies for Surface Atoms on Ir(111), Ir(100)-(5 × 1), and Metastable Ir(100)-(1 × 1)
JF Van der Veen, FJ Himpsel, DE Eastman
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Theory and simulation of high-energy ion scattering experiments for structure analysis of surfaces and interfaces
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Diffractive imaging for periodic samples: retrieving one-dimensional concentration profiles across microfluidic channels
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Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations of Crystallography 63 (4), 306-314, 2007
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