Nasser Mohieddin Abukhdeir
Nasser Mohieddin Abukhdeir
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo
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Silver nanowire transparent electrodes for liquid crystal-based smart windows
HH Khaligh, K Liew, Y Han, NM Abukhdeir, IA Goldthorpe
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 132, 337-341, 2015
Dramatically enhanced molecular ordering and charge transport of a DPP-based polymer assisted by oligomers through antiplasticization
B Sun, W Hong, H Aziz, NM Abukhdeir, Y Li
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (29), 4423-4426, 2013
Defect kinetics and dynamics of pattern coarsening in a two-dimensional smectic-A system
NM Abukhdeir, AD Rey
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ER Soulé, NM Abukhdeir, AD Rey
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Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of electrodeposition using the embedded-atom method
T Treeratanaphitak, MD Pritzker, NM Abukhdeir
Electrochimica Acta 121, 407-414, 2014
Non-isothermal model for nematic spherulite growth
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Simple assembly of long nanowires through substrate stretching
J Dong, NM Abukhdeir, IA Goldthorpe
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Long-time integration methods for mesoscopic models of pattern-forming systems
NM Abukhdeir, DG Vlachos, M Katsoulakis, M Plexousakis
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NM Abukhdeir, AD Rey
Soft Matter 6 (6), 1117-1120, 2010
Nonisothermal model for the direct isotropic/smectic-A liquid-crystalline transition
NM Abukhdeir, AD Rey
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J Dong, IA Goldthorpe, NM Abukhdeir
Nanotechnology 27 (23), 235701, 2016
Shape-dynamic growth, structure, and elasticity of homogeneously oriented spherulites in an isotropic/smectic-a mesophase transition
NM Abukhdeir, AD Rey
Liquid Crystals 36 (10-11), 1125-1137, 2009
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NM Abukhdeir, AD Rey
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Atomistic kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of polycrystalline copper electrodeposition
T Treeratanaphitak, MD Pritzker, NM Abukhdeir
Electrochemistry communications 46, 140-143, 2014
Nanoscale surface pattern evolution in heteroepitaxial bimetallic films
NM Abukhdeir, DG Vlachos
ACS nano 5 (9), 7168-7175, 2011
Computational characterization of ordered nanostructured surfaces
NM Abukhdeir
Materials Research Express 3 (8), 082001, 2016
A topologically-informed hyperstreamline seeding method for alignment tensor fields
F Fu, NM Abukhdeir
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 21 (3), 413-419, 2014
Simulation of spherulite growth using a comprehensive approach to modeling the first-order isotropic/smectic-A mesophase transition
NM Abukhdeir, AD Rey
Commun. Comput. Phys. 7, 301-316, 2008
Simulation-based design of thermally-driven actuators using liquid crystal elastomers
RAE Neufeld, H Shahsavan, B Zhao, NM Abukhdeir
Liquid Crystals 45 (7), 1010-1022, 2018
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