Sebastian Sterl
Sebastian Sterl
Vrije Universiteit Brussel & KU Leuven
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The Paris Agreement: resolving the inconsistency between global goals and national contributions
N Höhne, T Kuramochi, C Warnecke, F Röser, H Fekete, M Hagemann, ...
Climate Policy 17 (1), 16-32, 2017
Ten key short-term sectoral benchmarks to limit warming to 1.5 C
T Kuramochi, N Höhne, M Schaeffer, J Cantzler, B Hare, Y Deng, S Sterl, ...
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Fast dynamics of water droplets freezing from the outside in
S Wildeman, S Sterl, C Sun, D Lohse
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A new approach for assessing synergies of solar and wind power: implications for West Africa
S Sterl, S Liersch, H Koch, NPM Van Lipzig, W Thiery
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Short term policies to keep the door open for Paris climate goals
E Kriegler, C Bertram, T Kuramochi, M Jakob, M Pehl, M Stevanović, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (7), 074022, 2018
Hydropower dependency and climate change in sub-Saharan Africa: A nexus framework and evidence-based review
G Falchetta, DEHJ Gernaat, J Hunt, S Sterl
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Smart renewable electricity portfolios in West Africa
S Sterl, I Vanderkelen, CJ Chawanda, D Russo, RJ Brecha, ...
Nature sustainability 3 (9), 710-719, 2020
A review of successful climate change mitigation policies in major emitting economies and the potential of global replication
H Fekete, T Kuramochi, M Roelfsema, M den Elzen, N Forsell, N Höhne, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 137, 110602, 2021
Dynamical and statistical phenomena of circulation and heat transfer in periodically forced rotating turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection
S Sterl, HM Li, JQ Zhong
Physical review fluids 1 (8), 084401, 2016
Dynamics of the large-scale circulation in turbulent Rayleigh–Bénard convection with modulated rotation
JQ Zhong, S Sterl, HM Li
Journal of fluid mechanics 778, 2015
States, cities and businesses leading the way: a first look at decentralized climate commitments in the US
T Kuramochi, N Höhne, S Sterl, K Lütkehermöller, JC Seguers
2017 [2019-01-02]. https://newclimate. org/wpcontent/uploads/2017/09/states …, 2017
Correcting course: the emission reduction potential of international cooperative initiatives
S Lui, T Kuramochi, S Smit, M Roelfsema, A Hsu, A Weinfurter, S Chan, ...
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What the Paris Agreement means for global climate change mitigation
T Day, F Röser, R Tewari, T Kuramochi, C Warnecke, M Hagemann, ...
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Bridging the gap–the role of non-state action
N Höhne, P Drost, F Bakhtiari, S Chan, A Gardiner, T Hale, A Hsu, ...
The Emission Gap Report 2016: A UNEP Synthesis Report, 23-30, 2016
How much more could Germany achieve through non-state action? Quantifying the impact of subnational and international cooperative initiatives on the future greenhouse gas …
N Höhne, S Sterl, H Fekete
New Climate Institute. Available at https://newclimateinstitute. files …, 2015
A spatiotemporal atlas of hydropower in Africa for energy modelling purposes
S Sterl, A Devillers, CJ Chawanda, A Van Griensven, W Thiery, D Russo
Open Research Europe 1 (29), 29, 2021
What does the Paris Agreement mean for climate policy in the Netherlands?
S Sterl, N Höhne, T Kuramochi
Requested from http://www. greenpeace. nl/Global/nederland/report/2016 …, 2016
Greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios for major emitting countries-Analysis of current climate policies and mitigation pledges
T Kuramochi, N Höhne, S Gonzales-Zuñiga, F Hans, S Sterl, ...
NewClimate Institute, 2016
Linking solar and wind power in eastern Africa with operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
S Sterl, D Fadly, S Liersch, H Koch, W Thiery
Nature Energy 6 (4), 407-418, 2021
Turbines of the Caribbean: Decarbonising Suriname's electricity mix through hydro-supported integration of wind power
S Sterl, P Donk, P Willems, W Thiery
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 134, 110352, 2020
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