Zoe Lindo
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The bryosphere: an integral and influential component of the Earth’s biosphere
Z Lindo, A Gonzalez
Ecosystems 13, 612-627, 2010
Climate change drives a shift in peatland ecosystem plant community: implications for ecosystem function and stability
CM Dieleman, BA Branfireun, JW McLaughlin, Z Lindo
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Bryophyte‐cyanobacteria associations as regulators of the northern latitude carbon balance in response to global change
Z Lindo, MC Nilsson, MJ Gundale
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Connectivity, non‐random extinction and ecosystem function in experimental metacommunities
P Staddon, Z Lindo, PD Crittenden, F Gilbert, A Gonzalez
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A Gonzalez, B Rayfield, Z Lindo
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Metacommunity diversity depends on connectivity and patch arrangement in heterogeneous habitat networks
C Chisholm, Z Lindo, A Gonzalez
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Z Lindo, NN Winchester
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Z Lindo, S Visser
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R Henriques-Silva, Z Lindo, PR Peres-Neto
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Z Lindo, NN Winchester
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Z Lindo, S Visser
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The inclusion of stakeholders and cultural ecosystem services in land management trade-off decisions using an ecosystem services approach
R Darvill, Z Lindo
Landscape Ecology 31, 533-545, 2016
Quantifying and mapping ecosystem service use across stakeholder groups: Implications for conservation with priorities for cultural values
R Darvill, Z Lindo
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A methodological framework to embrace soil biodiversity
S Geisen, MJI Briones, H Gan, VM Behan-Pelletier, VP Friman, ...
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State of knowledge of soil biodiversity: status, challenges, and potentialities
A Winding, BK Singh, E Bach, G Brown, J Zhang, M Cooper, P Dion, ...
Traits explain community disassembly and trophic contraction following experimental environmental change
Z Lindo, J Whiteley, A Gonzalez
Global Change Biology 18 (8), 2448-2457, 2012
Promoting resilience
E Desjardins, G Barker, Z Lindo, C Dieleman, AC Dussault
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Old trees contribute bio-available nitrogen through canopy bryophytes
Z Lindo, JA Whiteley
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Priorities for research in soil ecology
N Eisenhauer, PM Antunes, AE Bennett, K Birkhofer, A Bissett, ...
Pedobiologia 63, 1-7, 2017
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CM Dieleman, Z Lindo, JW McLaughlin, AE Craig, BA Branfireun
Biogeochemistry 128, 385-396, 2016
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