Halvor Schøyen
Halvor Schøyen
Professor, Department of Maritime Operations, University of South-Eastern Norway
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The Northern Sea Route versus the Suez Canal: cases from bulk shipping
H Schøyen, S Bråthen
Journal of Transport Geography 19 (4), 977-983, 2011
The technical efficiency of Norwegian container ports: A comparison to some Nordic and UK container ports using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
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H Schøyen, S Bråthen
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Bulk Shipping via the Northern Sea Route versus via the Suez Canal: Who will gain from a shorter transport route
H Schøyen, S Bråthen, H Schøyen
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A comparative study of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in commercial and environmental perspective with focus on LNG shipping
Z Raza, H Schøyen
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A decision making tool concerning retrofit of shaft generator frequency converter
H Schøyen, H Sow
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Replacement of very large and ultra large crude carriers
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Ship-owners’ stance to environmental and safety conditions in ship recycling. A case study among Norwegian shipping managers
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Comparing the productivity of Norwegian and some Nordic and UK container ports-an application of Malmquist productivity index
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Measuring the contribution of logistics service delivery performance outcomes and deep-sea container liner connectivity on port efficiency
H Schøyen, CT Bjorbæk, K Steger-Jensen, N Bouhmala, U Burki, ...
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How do economies of density in container handling operations affect ships’ time and emissions in port? Evidence from Norwegian container terminals
KL Rødseth, PB Wangsness, H Schøyen
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Nuclear propulsion in ocean merchant shipping: The role of historical experiments to gain insight into possible future applications
H Schøyen, K Steger-Jensen
Journal of cleaner production 169, 152-160, 2017
Measuring container port complementarity and substitutability with Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data–studying the inter-port relationships in the Oslo Fjord multi-port …
H Schøyen, KB Hjelmervik, H Wang, O Osen
Faculty of Navigation, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland, 2017
Correlation between coastal tides and the speed of commercial vessels
K Hjelmervik, H Schøyen
OCEANS 2015-Genova, 1-5, 2015
Fuel Saving in Coastal Areas: A Case Study of the Oslo Fjord
K Hjelmervik, H Schøyen, H Wang, O Osen
Trends and Challenges in Maritime Energy Management, 245-256, 2018
Measuring port berth utilisation with Automatic Identification System data-Studying the berth utilisation of Oslo Fjord container ports
K Hjelmervik, H Schøyen
Supply chain performance impacts on Arctic transport
Z Raza
Designated person ashore–how do they perceive their role in the organization and to which extent are they legally exposed in case of an accident?
K Sollien, TE Jensen, H Schøyen
Journal of Maritime Research 11 (3), 3-12, 2014
Rethinking port services: Added value, efficiency and productivity in intermodal transport systems
H Schøyen
Høgskolen i Molde-Vitenskapelig høgskole i logistikk, 2013
Assessing the relative efficiency and productivity of Norwegian Seaport: A stochastic frontier Approach
J Odeck, H Schøyen
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