Maren Schmidt-Kassow
Maren Schmidt-Kassow
Institute of Medical Psychology, Frankfurt University
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Non-motor basal ganglia functions: A review and proposal for a model of sensory predictability in auditory language perception
SA Kotz, M Schwartze, M Schmidt-Kassow
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The effects of acute physical exercise on memory, peripheral BDNF, and cortisol in young adults
K Hötting, N Schickert, J Kaiser, B Röder, M Schmidt-Kassow
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Rhythm's gonna get you: Regular meter facilitates semantic sentence processing
K Rothermich, M Schmidt-Kassow, SA Kotz
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C Obermeier, W Menninghaus, M Von Koppenfels, T Raettig, ...
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Did you get the beat? Late proficient French-German learners extract strong–weak patterns in tonal but not in linguistic sequences
M Schmidt-Kassow, K Rothermich, M Schwartze, SA Kotz
Neuroimage 54 (1), 568-576, 2011
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