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Thore Egeland
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Congenital diaphragmatic hernia: a meta-analysis of mortality factors
H Skari, K Bjornland, G Haugen, T Egeland, R Emblem
Journal of pediatric surgery 35 (8), 1187-1197, 2000
Glucose intolerance after renal transplantation depends upon prednisolone dose and recipient AGE1
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Survival, prognostic factors, and therapeutic efficacy in low-grade glioma: a retrospective study in 379 patients.
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Locomotion skills in adults with cerebral palsy
R Jahnsen, L Villien, T Egeland, JK Stanghelle
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Comparative levels of psychological distress, stress symptoms, depression and anxiety after childbirth—a prospective population-based study of mothers and fathers
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Insulin resistance after renal transplantation: the effect of steroid dose reduction and withdrawal
K Midtvedt, J Hjelmesæth, A Hartmann, K Lund, D Paulsen, T Egeland, ...
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SLC9A6 mutations cause X-linked mental retardation, microcephaly, epilepsy, and ataxia, a phenotype mimicking Angelman syndrome
GD Gilfillan, KK Selmer, I Roxrud, R Smith, M Kyllerman, K Eiklid, ...
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Spatial training in a complex environment and isolation alter the spine distribution differently in rat CA1 pyramidal cells
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Beyond traditional paternity and identification cases: selecting the most probable pedigree
T Egeland, PF Mostad, B Mevåg, M Stenersen
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Tapering off prednisolone and cyclosporin the first year after renal transplantation: the effect on glucose tolerance
J Hjelmesæth, A Hartmann, J Kofstad, T Egeland, J Stenstrøm, ...
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Y‐chromosomal microsatellite mutation rates: Differences in mutation rate between and within loci
BM Dupuy, M Stenersen, T Egeland, B Olaisen
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Respiratory symptoms and ventilatory function in workers exposed to Portland cement dust
AKM Fell, TR Thomassen, P Kristensen, T Egeland, J Kongerud
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Polymorphisms in CLEC16A and CIITA at 16p13 Are Associated with Primary Adrenal Insufficiency
B Skinningsrud, ES Husebye, SH Pearce, DO McDonald, K Brandal, ...
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Effects of anal invasive treatment and incontinence on mental health and psychosocial functioning of adolescents with Hirschsprung's disease and low anorectal anomalies
TH Diseth, T Egeland, R Emblem
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Prenatal diagnosis of congenital malformations and parental psychological distress—a prospective longitudinal cohort study
H Skari, UF Malt, K Bjornland, T Egeland, G Haugen, M Skreden, ...
Prenatal Diagnosis: Published in Affiliation With the International Society …, 2006
Extraction of DNA from decomposed human tissue: an evaluation of five extraction methods for short tandem repeat typing
P Hoff-Olsen, B Mevåg, E Staalstrøm, B Hovde, T Egeland, B Olaisen
Forensic science international 105 (3), 171-183, 1999
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