Sathiyaraj Kandhasamy
Sathiyaraj Kandhasamy
Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER), The Netherlands
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H $ _ {\bm 2} $ O $ _ {\bm 2} $-Aided One-Pot Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanocrystalline LiMn $ _ {\bm 2} $ O $ _ {\bm 4} $ Cathode for Lithium Batteries
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Preliminary investigation on polysulfide catholyte for Intermediate Temperature(IT) NaS Battery
S Kandhasamy
Chains 2019, Veldhoven, The Netherlands, 2019
Molten Carbonate Electrolyte Based Thermocell for High Temperature Waste Heat Recovery
S Kandhasamy
NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, 2019
Thermal Conductivity of Molten Carbonates with Dispersed Solid Oxide from Differential Scanning Calorimetry
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Molten carbonate thermocells for industrial waste heat recovery
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Molten carbonate thermocells for high-temperature waste heat recovery
S Kandhasamy, A Solheim, S Kjelstrup, GM Haarberg
Energi forsknings konferansen 2018, Organized by The Norwegian Research …, 2018
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