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Mark Liles
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Cloning the soil metagenome: a strategy for accessing the genetic and functional diversity of uncultured microorganisms
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Preserving accuracy in GenBank
MI Bidartondo
Science 319 (5870), 1616-1616, 2008
Updated measurements of exclusive J/ψ and ψ (2S) production cross-sections in pp collisions at TeV
R Aaij, B Adeva, M Adinolfi, A Affolder, Z Ajaltouni, J Albrecht, F Alessio, ...
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 41 (5), 055002, 2014
A census of rRNA genes and linked genomic sequences within a soil metagenomic library
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Evaluation of oxidative processes in human pigment epithelial cells associated with retinal outer segment phagocytosis
MV Miceli, MR Liles, DA Newsome
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Antioxidant enzymes in the aging human retinal pigment epithelium
MR Liles, DA Newsome, PD Oliver
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Phages across the biosphere: contrasts of viruses in soil and aquatic environments
S Srinivasiah, J Bhavsar, K Thapar, M Liles, T Schoenfeld, KE Wommack
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Bacterial associates of two Caribbean coral species reveal species-specific distribution and geographic variability
KM Morrow, AG Moss, NE Chadwick, MR Liles
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The prepilin peptidase is required for protein secretion by and the virulence of the intracellular pathogen Legionella pneumophila
MR Liles, PH Edelstein, NP Cianciotto
Molecular microbiology 31 (3), 959-970, 1999
Identification of diverse antimicrobial resistance determinants carried on bacterial, plasmid, or viral metagenomes from an activated sludge microbial assemblage
LC Parsley, EJ Consuegra, KS Kakirde, AM Land, WF Harper, MR Liles
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Identification and temperature regulation ofLegionella pneumophila genes involved in type IV pilus biogenesis and type II protein secretion
MR Liles, VK Viswanathan, NP Cianciotto
Infection and immunity 66 (4), 1776-1782, 1998
A novel role for defensins in intestinal homeostasis: regulation of IL-1β secretion
J Shi, S Aono, W Lu, AJ Ouellette, X Hu, Y Ji, L Wang, S Lenz, ...
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Accumulation of pharmaceuticals, Enterococcus, and resistance genes in soils irrigated with wastewater for zero to 100 years in central Mexico
P Dalkmann, M Broszat, C Siebe, E Willaschek, T Sakinc, J Huebner, ...
PLoS One 7 (9), 2012
Size does matter: application-driven approaches for soil metagenomics
KS Kakirde, LC Parsley, MR Liles
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Identification of Bacillus strains for biological control of catfish pathogens
C Ran, A Carrias, MA Williams, N Capps, BCT Dan, JC Newton, ...
PLoS One 7 (9), 2012
Recovery, purification, and cloning of high-molecular-weight DNA from soil microorganisms
MR Liles, LL Williamson, J Rodbumrer, V Torsvik, RM Goodman, ...
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Glyphosate effects on soil rhizosphere-associated bacterial communities
MM Newman, N Hoilett, N Lorenz, RP Dick, MR Liles, C Ramsier, ...
Science of the Total Environment 543, 155-160, 2016
Discovery of a nonclassical siderophore, legiobactin, produced by strains of Legionella pneumophila
MR Liles, TA Scheel, NP Cianciotto
Journal of bacteriology 182 (3), 749-757, 2000
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