Michael Baym
Michael Baym
Harvard Medical School
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IsoRankN: spectral methods for global alignment of multiple protein networks
CS Liao, K Lu, M Baym, R Singh, B Berger
Bioinformatics 25 (12), i253-i258, 2009
Multidrug evolutionary strategies to reverse antibiotic resistance
M Baym, LK Stone, R Kishony
Science 351 (6268), aad3292, 2016
Large-scale identification of genetic design strategies using local search
DS Lun, G Rockwell, NJ Guido, M Baym, JA Kelner, B Berger, JE Galagan, ...
Molecular systems biology 5 (1), 2009
Inexpensive Multiplexed Library Preparation for Megabase-Sized Genomes
M Baym, S Kryazhimskiy, TD Lieberman, H Chung, MM Desai, R Kishony
PLoS ONE 10 (5), e0128036, 2015
Spatiotemporal microbial evolution on antibiotic landscapes
M Baym, TD Lieberman, ED Kelsic, R Chait, R Gross, I Yelin, R Kishony
Science 353 (6304), 1147-1151, 2016
Compressive Genomics
PR Loh, M Baym, B Berger
Nature Biotechnology 30 (7), 627-630, 2012
IsoBase: a database of functionally related proteins across PPI networks
D Park, R Singh, M Baym, CS Liao, B Berger
Nucleic acids research 39 (suppl 1), D295-D300, 2011
Delayed commitment to evolutionary fate in antibiotic resistance fitness landscapes
AC Palmer, E Toprak, M Baym, S Kim, A Veres, S Bershtein, R Kishony
Nature Communications 6, 7385, 2015
Engineered bacteria can function in the mammalian gut long-term as live diagnostics of inflammation
DT Riglar, TW Giessen, M Baym, SJ Kerns, MJ Niederhuber, RT Bronson, ...
Nature Biotechnology, 2017
Compressive genomics for protein databases
NM Daniels, A Gallant, J Peng, LJ Cowen, M Baym, B Berger
Bioinformatics 29 (13), i283-i290, 2013
Systems and devices for sampling and profiling microbiota of skin
MH Baym, RA Hyde, JT Kare, EC Leuthardt, GL McKnight, TS Pan, ...
US Patent 9,186,278, 2015
Compounds that select against the tetracycline-resistance efflux pump
LK Stone, M Baym, TD Lieberman, R Chait, J Clardy, R Kishony
Nature Chemical Biology 12 (11), 902-904, 2016
Rapid Construction of a Whole-genome Transposon Insertion Collection for Shewanella oneidensis by Knockout Sudoku
M Baym, L Shaket, IA Anzai, O Adesina, B Barstow
Nature Communications 7, 13270, 2016
Conserved quantities and adaptation to the edge of chaos
M Baym, AW Hübler
Physical Review E 73 (5), 056210, 2006
Barcode extension for analysis and reconstruction of structures
C Myhrvold, M Baym, N Hanikel, LL Ong, JS Gootenberg, P Yin
Nature Communications 8, 14698, 2017
High-resolution modeling of cellular signaling networks
M Baym, C Bakal, N Perrimon, B Berger
Research in Computational Molecular Biology, 257-271, 2008
Population diversity jeopardizes the efficacy of antibiotic cycling
YJ Jiao, M Baym, A Veres, R Kishony
bioRxiv, 082107, 2016
The separatrix algorithm for synthesis and analysis of stochastic simulations with applications in disease modeling
DJ Klein, M Baym, P Eckhoff
PloS one 9 (7), e103467, 2014
Lineage calling can identify antibiotic resistant clones within minutes
K Břinda, A Callendrello, L Cowley, T Charalampous, RS Lee, ...
bioRxiv, 403204, 2018
Rapid curation of gene disruption collections using Knockout Sudoku
IA Anzai, L Shaket, O Adesina, M Baym, B Barstow
Nature Protocols 12 (10), 2110-2137, 2017
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