Roger Bivand
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Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R
RS Bivand, E Pebesma, V Gómez-Rubio
Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R, 2013
Methods to account for spatial autocorrelation in the analysis of species distributional data: a review
C F. Dormann, J M. McPherson, M B. Araújo, R Bivand, J Bolliger, G Carl, ...
Ecography 30 (5), 609-628, 2007
Classes and methods for spatial data in R
EJ Pebesma, RS Bivand
R news 5 (2), 9-13, 2005
Package ‘rgdal’
TH Keitt, R Bivand, MR Bivand
Package ‘spdep’
R Bivand, M Altman, L Anselin, R Assunção, O Berke, A Bernat, ...
Last modified January 16, 2015
maptools: Tools for reading and handling spatial objects
NJ Lewin-Koh, R Bivand, EJ Pebesma, E Archer, A Baddeley, HJ Bibiko, ...
R package version 0.8-10, URL http://CRAN. R-project. org/package= maptools, 2011
Comparing implementations of estimation methods for spatial econometrics
R Bivand, G Piras
American Statistical Association, 2015
rgeos: interface to geometry engine-open source (GEOS)
R Bivand, C Rundel
R package version 0.3-2, 2013
Community ecology in the age of multivariate multiscale spatial analysis
S Dray, R Pélissier, P Couteron, MJ Fortin, P Legendre, PR Peres-Neto, ...
Ecological Monographs 82 (3), 257-275, 2012
Computing the J acobian in G aussian Spatial Autoregressive Models: An Illustrated Comparison of Available Methods
R Bivand, J Hauke, T Kossowski
Geographical Analysis 45 (2), 150-179, 2013
Spatial econometrics functions in R: Classes and methods
R Bivand
Journal of geographical systems 4 (4), 405-421, 2002
Spatial dependence through local yardstick competition:: theory and testing
R Bivand, S Szymanski
Economics Letters 55 (2), 257-265, 1997
Regression modeling with spatial dependence: an application of some class selection and estimation methods
RS Bivand
Geographical Analysis 16 (1), 25-37, 1984
Implementing functions for spatial statistical analysis using the language
R Bivand, A Gebhardt
Journal of Geographical Systems 2 (3), 307-317, 2000
Modelling the spatial impact of the introduction of Compulsory Competitive Tendering
R Bivand, S Szymanski
Regional Science and Urban Economics 30 (2), 203-219, 2000
Implementing spatial data analysis software tools in R
R Bivand
Geographical Analysis 38 (1), 23-40, 2006
Using the R statistical data analysis language on GRASS 5.0 GIS database files
RS Bivand
Computers & Geosciences 26 (9-10), 1043-1052, 2000
Splancs: spatial and space-time point pattern analysis
B Rowlingson, P Diggle, R Bivand, G Petris, S Eglen
R package version, 2.01-33, 2013
A review of spatial statistical techniques for location studies
RS Bivand
University of Bergen. Department of Geography, 1998
Regional growth in Western Europe: an empirical exploration of interactions with agriculture and agricultural policy
RS Bivand, RJ Brunstad
European Regional Growth, 351-373, 2003
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