Pang-Yu (Alex) Liu
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Pt 3 clusters-decorated Co@ Pd and Ni@ Pd model core–shell catalyst design for the oxygen reduction reaction: a DFT study
Y Zhuang, JP Chou, PY Liu, TY Chen, J Kai, A Hu, HYT Chen
Journal of materials chemistry A 6 (46), 23326-23335, 2018
Atom probe tomography for the observation of hydrogen in materials: A review
YS Chen, PY Liu, R Niu, A Devaraj, HW Yen, RKW Marceau, JM Cairney
Microscopy and Microanalysis 29 (1), 1-15, 2023
Direct Observation of Hydrogen Distribution in Pearlite
YSE Chen, R Niu, PY Liu, P Burr, J Cairney
Microscopy and Microanalysis 28 (S1), 1618-1620, 2022
Hydrogen trapping and embrittlement in metals–A review
YS Chen, C Huang, PY Liu, HW Yen, R Niu, P Burr, KL Moore, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2024
Engineering metal-carbide hydrogen traps in steels
PY Liu, B Zhang, R Niu, SL Lu, C Huang, M Wang, F Tian, Y Mao, T Li, ...
Nature Communications 15 (1), 724, 2024
The effect of hydrogen on the deformation of pearlite in steels
J Cairney, R Niu, H Li, PY Liu, P Burr, Y Feng, HW Yen, M Ma, A Guo, ...
The magnetic phase transition in Mn2-xFexB alloys: First-principles calculations
PH Lee, SW Wang, CY Lin, KL Chen, KY Chen, PY Liu, HA Hsia, ...
Chinese journal of physics 55 (6), 2249-2253, 2017
Cryogenic atom probe tomography and its applications: a review
Z Zhou, Z Wang, R Niu, PY Liu, C Huang, YH Sun, X Wang, HW Yen, ...
OAE Publishing Inc., 2023
Examining hydrogen trapping in steels by using advanced microscopy and modelling techniques
PY Liu
Hydrogen trapping mechanisms of TiC and (Ti, Mo) C precipitates in steels
PY Liu, R Niu, P Burr, YS Chen, J Cairney
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