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Large stocks of peatland carbon and nitrogen are vulnerable to permafrost thaw
G Hugelius, J Loisel, S Chadburn, RB Jackson, M Jones, G MacDonald, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (34), 20438-20446, 2020
An observation-based constraint on permafrost loss as a function of global warming
SE Chadburn, EJ Burke, PM Cox, P Friedlingstein, G Hugelius, ...
Nature climate change 7 (5), 340-344, 2017
Land-use emissions play a critical role in land-based mitigation for Paris climate targets
AB Harper, T Powell, PM Cox, J House, C Huntingford, TM Lenton, S Sitch, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 2938, 2018
Soil moisture and hydrology projections of the permafrost region–a model intercomparison
CG Andresen, DM Lawrence, CJ Wilson, AD McGuire, C Koven, ...
The Cryosphere 14 (2), 445-459, 2020
Carbon budgets for 1.5 and 2 C targets lowered by natural wetland and permafrost feedbacks
E Comyn-Platt, G Hayman, C Huntingford, SE Chadburn, EJ Burke, ...
Nature geoscience 11 (8), 568-573, 2018
A 16-year record (2002–2017) of permafrost, active-layer, and meteorological conditions at the Samoylov Island Arctic permafrost research site, Lena River delta, northern …
J Boike, J Nitzbon, K Anders, M Grigoriev, D Bolshiyanov, M Langer, ...
Earth System Science Data 11 (1), 261-299, 2019
A 20-year record (1998–2017) of permafrost, active layer and meteorological conditions at a high Arctic permafrost research site (Bayelva, Spitsbergen)
J Boike, I Juszak, S Lange, S Chadburn, E Burke, PP Overduin, K Roth, ...
Earth System Science Data 10 (1), 355-390, 2018
Quantifying uncertainties of permafrost carbon–climate feedbacks
EJ Burke, A Ekici, Y Huang, SE Chadburn, C Huntingford, P Ciais, ...
Biogeosciences 14 (12), 3051-3066, 2017
An improved representation of physical permafrost dynamics in the JULES land-surface model
S Chadburn, E Burke, R Essery, J Boike, M Langer, M Heikenfeld, P Cox, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 8 (5), 1493-1508, 2015
Increased importance of methane reduction for a 1.5 degree target
WJ Collins, CP Webber, PM Cox, C Huntingford, J Lowe, S Sitch, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (5), 054003, 2018
Infiltration from the pedon to global grid scales: An overview and outlook for land surface modeling
H Vereecken, L Weihermüller, S Assouline, J Šimůnek, A Verhoef, ...
Vadose Zone Journal 18 (1), 1-53, 2019
A spatial emergent constraint on the sensitivity of soil carbon turnover to global warming
RM Varney, SE Chadburn, P Friedlingstein, EJ Burke, CD Koven, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 5544, 2020
Temperature effects on carbon storage are controlled by soil stabilisation capacities
IP Hartley, TC Hill, SE Chadburn, G Hugelius
Nature Communications 12 (1), 6713, 2021
Missing pieces to modeling the Arctic-Boreal puzzle
JB Fisher, DJ Hayes, CR Schwalm, DN Huntzinger, E Stofferahn, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (2), 020202, 2018
Impact of model developments on present and future simulations of permafrost in a global land-surface model
SE Chadburn, EJ Burke, RLH Essery, J Boike, M Langer, M Heikenfeld, ...
The Cryosphere 9 (4), 1505-1521, 2015
Consequences of permafrost degradation for Arctic infrastructure–bridging the model gap between regional and engineering scales
T Schneider von Deimling, H Lee, T Ingeman-Nielsen, S Westermann, ...
The Cryosphere Discussions 2020, 1-31, 2020
Leaching of dissolved organic carbon from mineral soils plays a significant role in the terrestrial carbon balance
M Nakhavali, R Lauerwald, P Regnier, B Guenet, S Chadburn, ...
Global Change Biology 27 (5), 1083-1096, 2021
Carbon stocks and fluxes in the high latitudes: using site-level data to evaluate Earth system models
SE Chadburn, G Krinner, P Porada, A Bartsch, C Beer, ...
Biogeosciences 14 (22), 5143-5169, 2017
Site-level model intercomparison of high latitude and high altitude soil thermal dynamics in tundra and barren landscapes
A Ekici, S Chadburn, N Chaudhary, LH Hajdu, A Marmy, S Peng, J Boike, ...
The Cryosphere 9 (4), 1343-1361, 2015
A vertical representation of soil carbon in the JULES land surface scheme (vn4. 3_permafrost) with a focus on permafrost regions
EJ Burke, SE Chadburn, A Ekici
Geoscientific Model Development 10 (2), 959-975, 2017
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