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Visible‐Light Photocatalytic Properties of Weak Magnetic BiFeO3 Nanoparticles
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MWCNT/V2O5 Core/Shell Sponge for High Areal Capacity and Power Density Li-ion Cathodes
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An all-in-one nanopore battery array
C Liu, EI Gillette, X Chen, AJ Pearse, AC Kozen, MA Schroeder, ...
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X Chen, T Yu, X Fan, H Zhang, Z Li, J Ye, Z Zou
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Reactivation of dissolved polysulfides in Li–S batteries based on atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 in nanoporous carbon cloth
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X Chen, E Pomerantseva, P Banerjee, K Gregorczyk, R Ghodssi, ...
Chemistry of Materials 24 (7), 1255, 2012
Cathodic ALD V2O5 Thin Films for High-Rate Electrochemical Energy Storage
X Chen, EA Pomerantseva, K Gregorczyk, R Ghodssi, G Rubloff
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Correlation between the band positions of (SrTiO 3) 1− x·(LaTiO 2 N) x solid solutions and photocatalytic properties under visible light irradiation
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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (44), 6717-6723, 2008
Nanostructured Pseudocapacitors Based on Atomic Layer Deposition of V2O5 onto Conductive Nanocrystal‐based Mesoporous ITO Scaffolds
IE Rauda, V Augustyn, LC Saldarriaga‐Lopez, X Chen, LT Schelhas, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (42), 6717-6728, 2014
Electrochemical performance of the nanostructured biotemplated V< sub> 2</sub> O< sub> 5</sub> cathode for lithium-ion batteries
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Application of weak ferromagnetic BiFeO3 films as the photoelectrode material under visible-light irradiation
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Fabrication of 3D Core–Shell Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube@RuO2 Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes through a RuO2 Atomic Layer Deposition Process
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Binder-Focused Approaches to Improve the Stability of Cathodes for CO2 Electroreduction
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Investigation of the Cathode–Catalyst–Electrolyte Interface in Aprotic Li–O2 Batteries
MA Schroeder, AJ Pearse, AC Kozen, X Chen, K Gregorczyk, X Han, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (15), 5305-5313, 2015
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