Melanie Loveridge
Melanie Loveridge
Associate Professor, University of Warwick
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Latest advances in the manufacturing of 3D rechargeable lithium microbatteries
S Ferrari, M Loveridge, SD Beattie, M Jahn, RJ Dashwood, R Bhagat
Journal of Power Sources 286, 25-46, 2015
Understanding capacity fade in silicon based electrodes for lithium-ion batteries using three electrode cells and upper cut-off voltage studies
SD Beattie, MJ Loveridge, MJ Lain, S Ferrari, BJ Polzin, R Bhagat, ...
Journal of Power Sources 302, 426-430, 2016
Looking deeper into the galaxy (Note 7)
MJ Loveridge, G Remy, N Kourra, R Genieser, A Barai, MJ Lain, Y Guo, ...
Batteries 4 (1), 3, 2018
Electrode composition for a secondary battery cell
MJ Loveridge, MJ Lain, F Coowar, ME Abdelsalam
US Patent 9,853,292, 2017
Towards High Capacity Li-ion Batteries Based on Silicon-Graphene Composite Anodes and Sub-micron V-doped LiFePO4 Cathodes
MJ Loveridge, MJ Lain, ID Johnson, A Roberts, SD Beattie, R Dashwood, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 37787, 2016
Inhibition of corrosion-driven organic coating disbondment on galvanised steel by smart release group II and Zn(II)-exchanged bentonite pigments
MJL G. Williams, H.N. McMurray
Electrochimica Acta 55 (5), 1740-1748, 2010
The effects of ambient storage conditions on the structural and electrochemical properties of NMC-811 cathodes for Li-ion batteries
C Busà, M Belekoukia, MJ Loveridge
Electrochimica Acta 366, 137358, 2021
Porous electroactive material
PJ Rayner, MJ Loveridge
US Patent 9,871,248, 2018
Composition for a secondary battery cell
MJ Loveridge, MJ Lain, F Coowar, ME Abdelsalam
US Patent 9,608,272, 2017
Electrochemical evaluation and phase-related impedance studies on silicon–few layer graphene (FLG) composite electrode systems
Q Huang, MJ Loveridge, R Genieser, MJ Lain, R Bhagat
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 1386, 2018
Investigation of cycling-induced microstructural degradation in silicon-based electrodes in lithium-ion batteries using X-ray nanotomography
OO Taiwo, M Loveridge, SD Beattie, DP Finegan, R Bhagat, DJL Brett, ...
Electrochimica acta 253, 85-92, 2017
Field Emission Characterization of MoS2 Nanoflowers
F Giubileo, A Grillo, M Passacantando, F Urban, L Iemmo, G Luongo, ...
Nanomaterials 9 (5), 717, 2019
Partially neutralized polyacrylic acid/poly (vinyl alcohol) blends as effective binders for high-performance silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries
Q Huang, C Wan, M Loveridge, R Bhagat
ACS Applied Energy Materials 1 (12), 6890-6898, 2018
Porous metal–organic frameworks for enhanced performance silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries
R Malik, MJ Loveridge, LJ Williams, Q Huang, G West, PR Shearing, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (11), 4156-4165, 2019
Enhancing cycling durability of Li-ion batteries with hierarchical structured silicon–graphene hybrid anodes
MJ Loveridge, MJ Lain, Q Huang, C Wan, AJ Roberts, GS Pappas, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (44), 30677-30685, 2016
Binder for lithium ion rechargeable battery cells
MJ Loveridge, MJ Lain, E Kronfli
US Patent 10,050,275, 2018
Mapping Structure-Composition-Property Relationships in V- and Fe-Doped LiMnPO4 Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
ID Johnson, M Loveridge, R Bhagat, JA Darr
ACS Combinatorial Science 18 (11), 665-672, 2016
Controlling Li dendritic growth in graphite anodes by potassium electrolyte additives for Li-ion batteries
S Moharana, G West, M Walker, XS Yan, M Loveridge
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (37), 42078-42092, 2022
Practical high temperature (80 C) storage study of industrially manufactured Li-ion batteries with varying electrolytes
R Genieser, M Loveridge, R Bhagat
Journal of Power Sources 386, 85-95, 2018
The prismatic surface cell cooling coefficient: A novel cell design optimisation tool & thermal parameterization method for a 3D discretised electro-thermal equivalent-circuit …
X Hua, C Heckel, N Modrow, C Zhang, A Hales, J Holloway, A Jnawali, ...
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