Max Callaghan
Max Callaghan
Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change
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Negative emissions—Part 2: Costs, potentials and side effects
S Fuss, WF Lamb, MW Callaghan, J Hilaire, F Creutzig, T Amann, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (6), 063002, 2018
Negative emissions—Part 1: Research landscape and synthesis
JC Minx, WF Lamb, MW Callaghan, S Fuss, J Hilaire, F Creutzig, T Amann, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (6), 063001, 2018
Negative emissions—Part 3: Innovation and upscaling
GF Nemet, MW Callaghan, F Creutzig, S Fuss, J Hartmann, J Hilaire, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (6), 063003, 2018
2° C and SDGs: united they stand, divided they fall?
C von Stechow, JC Minx, K Riahi, J Jewell, DL McCollum, MW Callaghan, ...
Environmental Research Letters 11 (3), 034022, 2016
Fast growing research on negative emissions
JC Minx, WF Lamb, MW Callaghan, L Bornmann, S Fuss
Environmental Research Letters 12 (3), 035007, 2017
Learning about climate change solutions in the IPCC and beyond
JC Minx, M Callaghan, WF Lamb, J Garard, O Edenhofer
Environmental Science & Policy 77, 252-259, 2017
Quantifying the potential for climate change mitigation of consumption options
D Ivanova, J Barrett, D Wiedenhofer, B Macura, M Callaghan, F Creutzig
Environmental Research Letters 15 (9), 093001, 2020
Learning about urban climate solutions from case studies
WF Lamb, F Creutzig, MW Callaghan, JC Minx
Nature Climate Change 9 (4), 279-287, 2019
A topography of climate change research
MW Callaghan, JC Minx, PM Forster
Nature Climate Change 10 (2), 118-123, 2020
Negative emissions and international climate goals—learning from and about mitigation scenarios
J Hilaire, JC Minx, MW Callaghan, J Edmonds, G Luderer, GF Nemet, ...
Climatic Change 157 (2), 189-219, 2019
The literature landscape on 1.5 C climate change and cities
WF Lamb, MW Callaghan, F Creutzig, R Khosla, JC Minx
Current opinion in environmental sustainability 30, 26-34, 2018
Systematic map of the literature on carbon lock-in induced by long-lived capital
V Fisch-Romito, C Guivarch, F Creutzig, JC Minx, MW Callaghan
Environmental Research Letters 16 (5), 053004, 2021
Statistical stopping criteria for automated screening in systematic reviews
MW Callaghan, F Müller-Hansen
Systematic Reviews 9 (1), 1-14, 2020
Text as big data: Develop codes of practice for rigorous computational text analysis in energy social science
F Müller-Hansen, MW Callaghan, JC Minx
Energy Research & Social Science 70, 101691, 2020
On the use of computer‐assistance to facilitate systematic mapping
NR Haddaway, MW Callaghan, AM Collins, WF Lamb, JC Minx, J Thomas, ...
Campbell Systematic Reviews 16 (4), e1129, 2020
Progress in climate change adaptation research
AJ Sietsma, JD Ford, MW Callaghan, JC Minx
Environmental Research Letters 16 (5), 054038, 2021
Reviewing the scope and thematic focus of 100 000 publications on energy consumption, services and social aspects of climate change: a big data approach to demand-side mitigation
F Creutzig, M Callaghan, A Ramakrishnan, A Javaid, L Niamir, J Minx, ...
Environmental Research Letters 16 (3), 033001, 2021
The Global Adaptation Mapping Initiative (GAMI): Part 1–Introduction and overview of methods
L Berrang-Ford, A Lesnikowski, AP Fischer, AR Siders, KJ Mach, ...
The Global Adaptation Mapping Initiative (GAMI): Part 2–Screening protocol
AP Fischer, M Callaghan, L Berrang-Ford, M Nielsen, G Sotnik, IV Canosa, ...
A systematic global stocktake of evidence on human adaptation to climate change
L Berrang-Ford, AR Siders, A Lesnikowski, AP Fischer, MW Callaghan, ...
Nature Climate Change, 1-12, 2021
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