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A pomegranate-inspired nanoscale design for large-volume-change lithium battery anodes
N Liu, Z Lu, J Zhao, MT McDowell, HW Lee, W Zhao, Y Cui
Nature nanotechnology 9 (3), 187-192, 2014
Erratum: Growth of conformal graphene cages on micrometre-sized silicon particles as stable battery anodes
Y Li, K Yan, HW Lee, Z Lu, N Liu, Y Cui
Nature Energy 1, 16017, 2016
Growth of conformal graphene cages on micrometre-sized silicon particles as stable battery anodes
Y Li, K Yan, HW Lee, Z Lu, N Liu, Y Cui
Nature Energy 1, 15029, 2016
A Systematic Study of the Synthesis of Silver Nanoplates: Is Citrate a" Magic" Reagent?
Q Zhang, N Li, J Goebl, Z Lu, Y Yin
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Composite lithium metal anode by melt infusion of lithium into a 3D conducting scaffold with lithiophilic coating
Z Liang, D Lin, J Zhao, Z Lu, Y Liu, C Liu, Y Lu, H Wang, K Yan, X Tao, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (11), 2862-2867, 2016
Ultrathin Two-Dimensional Atomic Crystals as Stable Interfacial Layer for Improvement of Lithium Metal Anode
K Yan, HW Lee, T Gao, G Zheng, H Yao, H Wang, Z Lu, Y Zhou, Z Liang, ...
Nano letters 14 (10), 6016-6022, 2014
Nonfilling Carbon Coating of Porous Silicon Micrometer-Sized Particles for High-Performance Lithium Battery Anodes
Z Lu, N Liu, HW Lee, J Zhao, W Li, Y Li, Y Cui
ACS nano 9 (3), 2540-2547, 2015
Colloidal nanoparticle clusters: functional materials by design
Z Lu, Y Yin
Chemical Society Reviews 41 (21), 6874-6887, 2012
A high tap density secondary silicon particle anode fabricated by scalable mechanical pressing for lithium-ion batteries
D Lin, Z Lu, PC Hsu, HR Lee, N Liu, J Zhao, H Wang, C Liu, Y Cui
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (8), 2371-2376, 2015
Upconversion luminescence with tunable lifetime in NaYF4: Yb, Er nanocrystals: role of nanocrystal size
J Zhao, Z Lu, Y Yin, C McRae, JA Piper, JM Dawes, D Jin, EM Goldys
Nanoscale 5 (3), 944-952, 2013
Syntheses, structures, and physical properties of three novel metal-organic frameworks constructed from aromatic polycarboxylate acids and flexible imidazole-based synthons
L Wen, Z Lu, J Lin, Z Tian, H Zhu, Q Meng
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Magnetically recoverable core–shell nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activity
M Ye, Q Zhang, Y Hu, J Ge, Z Lu, L He, Z Chen, Y Yin
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Highly Stable Silver Nanoplates for Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensing
C Gao, Z Lu, Y Liu, Q Zhang, M Chi, Q Cheng, Y Yin
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (23), 5629-5633, 2012
Artificial Solid Electrolyte Interphase-Protected Li x Si Nanoparticles: An Efficient and Stable Prelithiation Reagent for Lithium-Ion Batteries
J Zhao, Z Lu, H Wang, W Liu, HW Lee, K Yan, D Zhuo, D Lin, N Liu, Y Cui
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (26), 8372-8375, 2015
Dry-air-stable lithium silicide–lithium oxide core–shell nanoparticles as high-capacity prelithiation reagents
J Zhao, Z Lu, N Liu, HW Lee, MT McDowell, Y Cui
Nature Communications 5, 2014
A Three‐Dimensionally Interconnected Carbon Nanotube–Conducting Polymer Hydrogel Network for High‐Performance Flexible Battery Electrodes
Z Chen, JWF To, C Wang, Z Lu, N Liu, A Chortos, L Pan, F Wei, Y Cui, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (12), 2014
High Performance Lithium Metal Negative Electrode with a Soft and Flowable Polymer Coating
G Zheng, C Wang, A Pei, J Lopez, F Shi, Z Chen, AD Sendek, HW Lee, ...
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Syntheses and structures of four d10 metal-organic frameworks assembled with aromatic polycarboxylate and bix [bix= 1, 4-Bis (imidazol-1-ylmethyl) benzene]
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Q Zhang, J Ge, T Pham, J Goebl, Y Hu, Z Lu, Y Yin
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Magnetochromatic microspheres: rotating photonic crystals
J Ge, H Lee, L He, J Kim, Z Lu, H Kim, J Goebl, S Kwon, Y Yin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (43), 15687-15694, 2009
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