Roberto Iacono
Roberto Iacono
Associate Professor of Economics and Social Policy, NTNU
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Sitert av
The evolution of income composition inequality in Italy, 1989–2016
R Iacono, M Ranaldi
Review of Income and Wealth, 2022
Minimum income schemes in Europe: is there a trade-off with activation policies?
R Iacono
IZA Journal of European Labor Studies 6, 1-15, 2017
No blessing, no curse? On the benefits of being a resource-rich southern region of Italy
R Iacono
Research in Economics 70 (2), 346-359, 2016
The nexus between perceptions of inequality and preferences for redistribution
R Iacono, M Ranaldi
The Journal of Economic Inequality 19 (1), 97-114, 2021
The Nordic Model of Economic Development and Welfare: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
R Iacono
Intereconomics 53 (4), 185-190, 2018
A comparison of fiscal rules for resource-rich economies
R Iacono
Economic Analysis and Policy 55, 179-193, 2017
The Norwegian Oil Bonanza and the Scandinavian Model in Comparative Perspective
R Iacono
Comparative Economic Studies 61 (1), 63-82, 2019
Still the lands of equality? heterogeneity of income composition in the nordics, 1975–2016
R Iacono, E Palagi
The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 22 (2), 221-268, 2022
The Wage Curve Across the Wealth Distribution
R Iacono, M Ranaldi
Economics Letters, 2020
A Micro Perspective on r > g
R Iacono, E Palagi
Economica 90 (358), 531-556, 2023
Immigration and social assistance: Evidence from the Norwegian welfare state
B Smedsvik, R Iacono, A D'Agostino
Social Policy & Administration 56, 648-660, 2022
The Dutch Disease revisited: absorption constraint and learning by doing
R Iacono
Portuguese Economic Journal 17 (1), 61-85, 2018
Corporate Income Taxation and Inequality: Review and Discussion of Issues Raised in "The triumph of injustice—How the rich dodge taxes and how to make them pay (2019)"☆
T Faccio, R Iacono
Review of Income and Wealth, 2021
The Basilicata Wealth Fund
R Iacono, M Viccaro
Scienze Regionali 20 (Speciale), 577-594, 2021
Book review: Capitalism, alone: the future of the system that rules the world by Branko Milanovic
R Iacono
Democratic Audit Blog, 2019
(In) visible sanctions: micro-level evidence on compulsory activation for young welfare recipients
B Smedsvik, R Iacono
INET Oxford Working Papers, 2022
Book review: capitalism, alone: the future of the system that rules the world
R Iacono
LSE Review of Books, 2019
Book review: Measuring poverty around the world by Anthony B. Atkinson, edited by John Micklewright and Andrea Brandolini
R Iacono
Democratic Audit Blog, 2019
What We Can Learn from the Nordic Model
R Iacono, MT Nance, J Daly, J Perraton, ES Brezis, J Tiemer
Intereconomics 4, 184, 2018
Book review: the great leveler: violence and the history of inequality from the stone age to the twenty-first century by Walter Scheidel
R Iacono
LSE Review of Books, 2018
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