Nurlidia Mansor
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A review of mathematical modeling and simulation of controlled-release fertilizers
SA Irfan, R Razali, KZ KuShaari, N Mansor, B Azeem, ANF Versypt
Journal of Controlled Release 271, 45-54, 2018
A comprehensive review on biodegradable polymers and their blends used in controlled-release fertilizer processes
Z Majeed, NK Ramli, N Mansor, Z Man
Reviews in Chemical Engineering 31 (1), 69-95, 2015
Torrefaction of oil palm kernel shell in the presence of oxygen and carbon dioxide
Y Uemura, S Saadon, N Osman, N Mansor, K Tanoue
Fuel 144, 171-179, 2015
High biodiesel yield from wet microalgae paste via in-situ transesterification: effect of reaction parameters towards the selectivity of fatty acid esters
TT Nguyen, MK Lam, Y Uemura, N Mansor, JW Lim, PL Show, IS Tan, ...
Fuel 272, 117718, 2020
Torrefaction in the presence of oxygen and carbon dioxide: the effect on yield of oil palm kernel shell
S Saadon, Y Uemura, N Mansor
Procedia Chemistry 9, 194-201, 2014
Photocatalytic degradation and adsorption of phenol by solvent-controlled TiO2 nanosheets assisted with H2O2 and FeCl3: Kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic analysis
M Zulfiqar, S Sufian, NE Rabat, N Mansor
Journal of Molecular Liquids 308, 112941, 2020
Evaluation of allicin as soil urease inhibitor
R Mathialagan, N Mansor, B Al-Khateeb, MH Mohamad, MR Shamsuddin
Procedia engineering 184, 449-459, 2017
Effect of water and [Emim][OAc] as plasticizer on gelatinization of starch
S Ismail, N Mansor, Z Majeed, Z Man
Procedia engineering 148, 524-529, 2016
Surface-fluorination of TiO2 photocatalysts for remediation of water pollution: a review
M Zulfiqar, S Sufian, A Bahadar, N Lashari, NE Rabat, N Mansor
Journal of Cleaner Production 317, 128354, 2021
Three types of Marine microalgae and Nannocholoropsis oculata cultivation for potential source of biomass production
V Krishnan, Y Uemura, NT Thanh, NA Khalid, N Osman, N Mansor
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 622 (1), 012034, 2015
Optimisation of ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) of allicin from garlic (Allium sativum L.)
R Mathialagan, N Mansor, MR Shamsuddin, Y Uemura, Z Majeed
Chemical Engineering Transactions 56, 1747-1752, 2017
A study on thermal behaviour of thermoplastic starch plasticized by [Emim] Ac and by [Emim] Cl
S Ismail, N Mansor, Z Man
Procedia engineering 184, 567-572, 2017
Characterization of carbon nanofibers treated with thermal nitrogen as a catalyst support using point-of-zero charge analysis
TDN Van, S Sufian, N Mansor, N Yahya
Journal of Nanomaterials 2014, 1-1, 2014
Quantification and characterization of allicin in garlic extract
N Mansor, HJ Herng, SJ Samsudin, S Sufian, Y Uemura
Journal of Medical and Bioengineering Vol 5 (1), 2016
Lignin macromolecule's implication in slowing the biodegradability of urea‐crosslinked starch films applied as slow‐release fertilizer
Z Majeed, N Mansor, Z Ajab, Z Man
Starch‐Stärke 69 (11-12), 1600362, 2017
Revealing the effect of reaction parameters towards alkyl group distribution in in-situ transesterification of Chlorella vulgaris
TT Nguyen, Y Uemura, MK Lam, N Mansor, JW Lim
Energy conversion and management 185, 223-231, 2019
Lignin reinforcement of urea-crosslinked starch films for reduction of starch biodegradability to improve slow nitrogen release properties under natural aerobic soil condition
Z Majeed, N Mansor, Z Man, SA Wahid
e-Polymers 16 (2), 159-170, 2016
Effect of ionic liquids on thermomechanical properties of polyetheretherketone‐multiwalled carbon nanotubes nanocomposites
A Ahmad, N Mansor, H Mahmood, T Iqbal, M Moniruzzaman
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 139 (11), 51788, 2022
Reaction kinetic and thermodynamics studies for in-situ transesterification of wet microalgae paste to biodiesel
TT Nguyen, MK Lam, YW Cheng, Y Uemura, N Mansor, JW Lim, PL Show, ...
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 169, 250-264, 2021
Synthesis and characterization of TiO2-based nanostructures via fluorine-free solvothermal method for enhancing visible light photocatalytic activity: Experimental and …
M Zulfiqar, S Sufian, N Mansor, NE Rabat
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 404, 112834, 2021
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