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Genome-wide association study of more than 40,000 bipolar disorder cases provides new insights into the underlying biology
N Mullins, AJ Forstner, KS O’Connell, B Coombes, JRI Coleman, Z Qiao, ...
Nature genetics 53 (6), 817-829, 2021
Bivariate causal mixture model quantifies polygenic overlap between complex traits beyond genetic correlation
O Frei, D Holland, OB Smeland, AA Shadrin, CC Fan, S Maeland, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 2417, 2019
Genome-wide analysis reveals extensive genetic overlap between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and intelligence
OB Smeland, S Bahrami, O Frei, A Shadrin, K O’Connell, J Savage, ...
Molecular psychiatry 25 (4), 844-853, 2020
Dissecting the shared genetic architecture of suicide attempt, psychiatric disorders, and known risk factors
N Mullins, JE Kang, AI Campos, JRI Coleman, AC Edwards, H Galfalvy, ...
Biological psychiatry 91 (3), 313-327, 2022
Discovery of shared genomic loci using the conditional false discovery rate approach
OB Smeland, O Frei, A Shadrin, K O’Connell, CC Fan, S Bahrami, ...
Human genetics 139 (1), 85-94, 2020
Genome-wide association study identifies 48 common genetic variants associated with handedness
G Cuellar-Partida, JY Tung, N Eriksson, E Albrecht, F Aliev, ...
Nature human behaviour 5 (1), 59-70, 2021
Shared genetic loci between body mass index and major psychiatric disorders: a genome-wide association study
S Bahrami, NE Steen, A Shadrin, K O’Connell, O Frei, F Bettella, ...
JAMA psychiatry 77 (5), 503-512, 2020
Interactions between collagen gene variants and risk of anterior cruciate ligament rupture
K O'Connell, H Knight, K Ficek, A Leonska-Duniec, ...
European journal of sport science 15 (4), 341-350, 2015
The genetic architecture of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and autism spectrum disorder
KS O'Connell, NW McGregor, C Lochner, R Emsley, L Warnich
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 88, 300-307, 2018
A pathway-based approach investigating the genes encoding interleukin-1β, interleukin-6 and the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist provides new insight into the genetic …
AV September, EM Nell, K O'Connell, J Cook, CJ Handley, ...
British journal of sports medicine 45 (13), 1040-1047, 2011
Genome-wide association analysis of Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia reveals shared genetic architecture and identifies novel risk loci
OB Smeland, A Shadrin, S Bahrami, I Broce, M Tesli, O Frei, KV Wirgenes, ...
Biological psychiatry 89 (3), 227-235, 2021
Charting the landscape of genetic overlap between mental disorders and related traits beyond genetic correlation
G Hindley, O Frei, AA Shadrin, W Cheng, KS O’Connell, R Icick, N Parker, ...
American Journal of Psychiatry 179 (11), 833-843, 2022
Genetic contributions to bipolar disorder: current status and future directions
KS O'Connell, BJ Coombes
Psychological Medicine 51 (13), 2156-2167, 2021
Genetic association between schizophrenia and cortical brain surface area and thickness
W Cheng, O Frei, D van der Meer, Y Wang, KS O’Connell, Y Chu, ...
JAMA psychiatry 78 (9), 1020-1030, 2021
Collagen genes and exercise-associated muscle cramping
K O’Connell, M Posthumus, MP Schwellnus, M Collins
Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine 23 (1), 64-69, 2013
Identification of a novel polymorphism associated with reduced clozapine concentration in schizophrenia patients—a genome-wide association study adjusting for smoking habits
RL Smith, K O’Connell, L Athanasiu, S Djurovic, MK Kringen, ...
Translational psychiatry 10 (1), 198, 2020
Identification of genetic overlap and novel risk loci for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and bipolar disorder
KS O’Connell, A Shadrin, S Bahrami, OB Smeland, F Bettella, O Frei, ...
Molecular psychiatry 26 (8), 4055-4065, 2021
Polygenic overlap and shared genetic loci between loneliness, severe mental disorders, and cardiovascular disease risk factors suggest shared molecular mechanisms
L Rødevand, S Bahrami, O Frei, A Lin, O Gani, A Shadrin, OB Smeland, ...
Translational Psychiatry 11 (1), 3, 2021
Dissecting the shared genetic basis of migraine and mental disorders using novel statistical tools
S Bahrami, G Hindley, BS Winsvold, KS O’Connell, O Frei, A Shadrin, ...
Brain 145 (1), 142-153, 2022
Characterizing the genetic overlap between psychiatric disorders and sleep-related phenotypes
KS O’Connell, O Frei, S Bahrami, OB Smeland, F Bettella, W Cheng, ...
Biological Psychiatry 90 (9), 621-631, 2021
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