Lisha Shen
Lisha Shen
Principal Investigator of Temasek life sciences laboratory
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A repressor complex governs the integration of flowering signals in Arabidopsis
D Li, C Liu, L Shen, Y Wu, H Chen, M Robertson, CA Helliwell, T Ito, ...
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Regulation of floral patterning by flowering time genes
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FTIP1 is an essential regulator required for florigen transport
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Whole-genome resequencing of a worldwide collection of rapeseed accessions reveals the genetic basis of ecotype divergence
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NaKR1 regulates long-distance movement of FLOWERING LOCUS T in Arabidopsis
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Messenger RNA modifications in plants
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Seeing the lights for leafy greens in indoor vertical farming
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The m6A pathway protects the transcriptome integrity by restricting RNA chimera formation in plants
D Pontier, C Picart, M El Baidouri, F Roudier, T Xu, S Lahmy, C Llauro, ...
Life science alliance 2 (3), 2019
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