Gregory P. Perreault
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Journalists on COVID-19 journalism: Communication ecology of pandemic reporting
MF Perreault, GP Perreault
American Behavioral Scientist 65 (7), 976-991, 2021
Mobile Journalism as Lifestyle Journalism? Field Theory in the integration of mobile in the newsroom and mobile journalist role conception
G Perreault, K Stanfield
Journalism practice 13 (3), 331-348, 2019
What is digital journalism? Defining the practice and role of the digital journalist
GP Perreault, P Ferrucci
Digital journalism 8 (10), 1298-1316, 2020
The GamerGate controversy and journalistic paradigm maintenance
G Perreault, T Vos
Journalism 19 (4), 2018
Towards a “digital” sports journalism: Field theory, changing boundaries and evolving technologies
G Perreault, TR Bell
Communication & Sport 10 (3), 398-416, 2022
Metajournalistic discourse on the rise of gaming journalism
G Perreault, T Vos
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Depictions of female protagonists in digital games: A narrative analysis of 2013 dice award-winning digital games
MF Perreault, GP Perreault, J Jenkins, A Morrison
Games and Culture 13 (8), 843-860, 2018
The liability of newness: Journalism, innovation and the issue of core competencies
P Ferrucci, G Perreault
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The discursive construction of the gamification of journalism
TP Vos, GP Perreault
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Metajournalistic discourse as a stabilizer within the journalistic field: Journalistic practice in the COVID-19 pandemic
G Perreault, MF Perreault, P Maares
Journalism Practice 16 (2-3), 365-383, 2022
Covering hate: Field theory and journalistic role conception in reporting on White nationalist rallies
G Perreault, B Johnson, L Klein
Journalism Practice 16 (6), 1117-1133, 2022
The first lady of social media: The visual rhetoric of Michelle Obama’s Twitter images
N Paul, G Perreault
Atlantic journal of communication 26 (3), 164-179, 2018
An image of refugees through the social media lens: A narrative framing analysis of the Humans of New York series ‘Syrian Americans’
G Perreault, N Paul
Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies 7 (1), 79-102, 2018
“Why the h** l is there a White House correspondents’ dinner?” Boundary work in political journalism
G Perreault, K Stanfield, S Luttman
Journalism Practice 14 (9), 1142-1158, 2020
Field insurgency in lifestyle journalism: How lifestyle journalists marginalize Instagram influencers and protect their autonomy
G Perreault, F Hanusch
New Media & Society, 14614448221104233, 2022
Richard Sherman Speaks and Almost Breaks the Internet: Race, Media, and Football
JT Page, M Duffy, C Frisby, G Perreault
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Audience as Journalistic boundary worker: The rhetorical use of comments to critique media practice, assert legitimacy and claim authority
V Kananovich, G Perreault
Journalism Studies 22 (3), 322-341, 2021
Politicians, photographers, and a Pope: How state-controlled and independent media covered Francis’s 2015 Cuba visit
TJ Thomson, G Perreault, M Duffy
Journalism Studies 19 (9), 1313-1330, 2018
Gender, communication, and the leadership gap
CM Cunningham, HM Crandall, AM Dare
IAP, 2017
The electronic church in the digital age: cultural impacts of evangelical mass media [2 volumes]: Cultural impacts of evangelical mass media
M Ward Sr
ABC-CLIO, 2015
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