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Anke Stüken (Stuken, Stueken)
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First report on cylindrospermopsin producing Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (Cyanobacteria) isolated from two German lakes
K Preußel, A Stüken, C Wiedner, I Chorus, J Fastner
Toxicon 47 (2), 156-162, 2006
Concentrations of particulate and dissolved cylindrospermopsin in 21 Aphanizomenon-dominated temperate lakes
J Rücker, A Stüken, B Nixdorf, J Fastner, I Chorus, C Wiedner
Toxicon 50 (6), 800-809, 2007
Discovery of nuclear-encoded genes for the neurotoxin saxitoxin in dinoflagellates
A Stüken, RJS Orr, R Kellmann, SA Murray, BA Neilan, KS Jakobsen
PLoS One 6 (5), e20096, 2011
Distribution of three alien cyanobacterial species (Nostocales) in northeast Germany: Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, Anabaena bergii and Aphanizomenon aphanizomenoides
A Stüken, J Rücker, T Endrulat, K Preussel, M Hemm, B Nixdorf, ...
Phycologia 45 (6), 696-703, 2006
Occurrence of the cyanobacterial toxin cylindrospermopsin in northeast Germany
J Fastner, J Rücker, A Stüken, K Preußel, B Nixdorf, I Chorus, A Köhler, ...
Environmental Toxicology: An International Journal 22 (1), 26-32, 2007
Biosynthesis and molecular genetics of polyketides in marine dinoflagellates
R Kellmann, A Stüken, RJS Orr, HM Svendsen, KS Jakobsen
Marine drugs 8 (4), 1011-1048, 2010
sxtA-based quantitative molecular assay to identify saxitoxin-producing harmful algal blooms in marine waters
SA Murray, M Wiese, A Stüken, S Brett, R Kellmann, G Hallegraeff, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77 (19), 7050-7057, 2011
The cylindrospermopsin gene cluster of Aphanizomenon sp. strain 10E6: organization and recombination
A Stüken, KS Jakobsen
Microbiology 156 (8), 2438-2451, 2010
When naked became armored: an eight-gene phylogeny reveals monophyletic origin of theca in dinoflagellates
RJS Orr, SA Murray, A Stüken, L Rhodes, KS Jakobsen
PloS one 7 (11), e50004, 2012
Genetic and morphologic characterization of four putative cylindrospermopsin producing species of the cyanobacterial genera Anabaena and Aphanizomenon
A Stüken, RJ Campbell, A Quesada, A Sukenik, PK Dadheech, C Wiedner
Journal of plankton research 31 (5), 465-480, 2009
Evolutionary acquisition and loss of saxitoxin biosynthesis in dinoflagellates: the second “core” gene, sxtG
RJS Orr, A Stï, SA Murray, KS Jakobsen
Applied and environmental microbiology 79 (7), 2128-2136, 2013
Improved phylogenetic resolution of toxic and non-toxic Alexandrium strains using a concatenated rDNA approach
RJS Orr, A Stüken, T Rundberget, W Eikrem, KS Jakobsen
Harmful Algae 10 (6), 676-688, 2011
Evolution and distribution of saxitoxin biosynthesis in dinoflagellates
RJS Orr, A Stüken, SA Murray, KS Jakobsen
Marine drugs 11 (8), 2814-2828, 2013
Ribosomal DNA organization patterns within the dinoflagellate genus Alexandrium as revealed by FISH: Life cycle and evolutionary implications
RI Figueroa, A Cuadrado, A Stüken, F Rodriguez, S Fraga
Protist, 2014
Paralytic shellfish toxin content is related to genomic sxtA4 copy number in Alexandrium minutum strains
A Stüken, P Riobó, J Franco, KS Jakobsen, L Guillou, RI Figueroa
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 404, 2015
Novel hydrolysis-probe based qPCR assay to detect saxitoxin transcripts of dinoflagellates in environmental samples
A Stüken, SM Dittami, W Eikrem, S McNamee, K Campbell, KS Jakobsen, ...
Harmful Algae 28, 108-117, 2013
Microbial community composition of tap water and biofilms treated with or without copper–silver ionization
A Stüken, THA Haverkamp, HAAM Dirven, GD Gilfillan, M Leithaug, ...
Environmental science & technology 52 (6), 3354-3364, 2018
Internal macrobioerosion on five species of Acropora following the 1998 bleaching event: Implications for the long-term impact of bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef
P Hutchings, M Peyrot-Clausade, A Stüken
Pacific Conservation Biology 19, 409-417, 2013
Distribution of C. raciborskii and other neo-cyanobacteria
A Stüken
Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii and Cylindrospermopsin in Lakes of the …, 2007
Metagenomic Sequences of Three Drinking Water and Two Shower Hose Biofilm Samples Treated with or without Copper-Silver Ionization
A Stüken, THA Haverkamp
Microbiology Resource Announcements 9 (3), 2020
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